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I am not going to publish a photo of Tiger Woods’ elbow or knee, purely because I haven’t got one. But if anyone can send me one, I shall gladly show you his knee and therefore render myself liable to imprisonment by the infamously ludicrous old fool Mr Justice Eady, who has the same attachment to freedom of speech as Stalin.

The famously fascist Eady


has just made it illegal to publish in England a photo of “any naked part of the Claimant’s body”, the claimant being Tiger Woods.

Justice Eady has also made it illegal to publish or communicate or copy or disclose the Order he made, according to paragraph 5 of the order you can find here.


Damn, I just disclosed it. That’s me off to jail, folks. It really might be – Justice Eady is indeed that stupid. Why is it a crime to show contempt for a court, when they are headed by persons as contempible as Justice Eady?

Speaking of arseholes, Tiger Woods has used Schillings to obtain this quite spectacular order, in which everybody in the world is covered by the word “defendant” (that really is true – Eady claims universal jurisdiction and even awarded damages against an Icelandic professor ofr publishing something on a university website in Iceland about another Icelander). Schillings are the law firn who terrified my publisher out of publishing “The Catholic Orangemen of Togo” on behalf of hired killer and liar Tim Spicer, and who got this website shut down for a few days on behalf of convicted racketeer and blackmailer Alisher Usmanov.

I was remarkably sympathetic to Tiger Woods. Any man who lives with blonde twin sisters is doing something right. But look at the company in which he has chosen to put himself by turning to Schillings. No honest person could stand the stink of Schillings.

Interestingly, although Eady’s order specifically states it must not be disclosed, the Guardian is stating it is not a super-injunction.


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  • Arsalan goldberg

    Please Craig don’t put Naked pics of tiger woods here or any other Gay Porn.

    I am not that way inclined.

    And according to Jane from the other thread I am a Homophobe.

    Or am I a Homophone or a Homograph?

    I’m not sure but I am some sort of Homonym. Anyway, whatever I am I’m not a poof so I don’t want to see naked men the next time I click on your site.

  • Martin

    Tiger Woods entered the “Book of C*nts” long before he encountered Schillings:


    He’s not an honest man, nor is he as squeaky-clean as his image would have you believe. He is a greedy, careless and selfish business man willing to profit from the suffering of the poor.

  • roderick Russell


    On Writermans comment to Craig ?” “I was wondering what your reaction was to Obama defining the revolt in the American colonies … as a union formed as a reaction to oppression.” Is this definition of the causes of the American Revolution not at least partially true? Did not Benjamin Franklin spend a decade in London trying and failing to persuade its crooked establishment to accept some measure of representation and fair play?

    Anybody who doubts the (disguised) oppressive nature of the UK system should just read my story of zerzetsen torture by MI6 / MI6 ?” threats, intimidation, harassment, defamation, and a government cover-up. Or just look at the comments behind Craig’s Dec 9 2009 posting that relate to the horrible and fatal persecution of foreign office whistleblower Mark Higson.

    Fair play, Rule of Law, Independence of the Judiciary, Magna Carta, a properly functioning parliament, Free Press, Institutions that honestly stand for civil liberties and human rights, etc ?” What’s all this rubbish that we fool ourselves with and pontificate about? I used to be fooled too, until I learnt the truth the hard way – In the Land of Shakespeare it is just all playacting!

    The measure of freedom and democracy is not whether the authorities respect rule of law most of the time, but whether they still continue to respect rule of law when the establishment is pulling the other way.

    Craig, People like Higson & I had no choice. But, one should be aware that once you are in a battle with these thugs, you are in it for life. One will get no help from human rights organizations or the press that should be helping because they are all scared of the establishment.

    Obama is right ?” It is oppressive; the establishment operates above the law with impunity, turning MI5 / MI6 thugs on its enemies.

  • arsalan goldberg

    Benjamin Franklin was a rebel, a terrorist and a traitor.

    America’s declaration of independence has to be revoked, or better still, all the Americans should go back to where they came from and the land should be returned to the natives who took much better care of it.

    We can do genetic testing to differentiate the true Americans from the descendants of immigrants.

    And while we are at it, we should genetically test all the members of the British National party of this list:


    And deport slightest none British ancestry to where ever they came from.

    Failing that we can always phone them up, I think they are usually at home between the hours of 1-6 AM to tell them to go back to where ever they came from.

  • Tom Welsh

    Presumably this also means Woods’ face cannot be shown. He has just destroyed his own public image.

  • John D. Monkey


    As we all originally “came from” Africa, presumably we should all go and live in the rift valley!

    I’m often tempted to wind up US citizens by reminding them that the “original” Americans have been murdered or put on reservations…

  • Arsalan goldberg


    I think it might be a good idea to dump Nick Griffin in the middle of the rift valley. He is always talking about sending people back to where they came from.

    I’m not tempted to say that to them, I do that at every opertunity.

    That’s why I keep getting banned from American webpages.

    Viva My ever changing IP addresses!

  • Strategist

    this quite spectacular order, in which everybody in the world is covered by the word “defendant”


  • Mary

    Another lawyers’ paradise. Another cover up.

    It has just been said on the BBC 1pm News that Milipede is using the most expensive lawyers in the land to prevent Binyam Mohammed’s torture evidence being made public.


    Binyam Mohamed torture collusion case returns to court

    Mr Mohamed: Secret summary critical to his case

    Three of England’s most senior judges are to hear an appeal by the government against letting the public know about allegations of torture.

    Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed says a secret summary of his treatment must be released in the UK.

    He says the British colluded in his mistreatment by providing questions in 2002 for his secret interrogations.

    But the Foreign Secretary says the summary is so sensitive it would “seriously damage national security”.

  • John D. Monkey


    Reminds me of the (probably apocryphal) story of the young black guy talking to Enoch Powell on “Nationwide”.

    YBG “Do you think people like me should be encouraged to move back where I came from?

    EP “Yes, I’m afraid I do”

    YBG “But I don’t like Wolverhampton!”

    ps Anyone know if this is true?

  • TarbyTucker

    if a picture of Tiger’s todger and scrotal sack area were to be published but his face and or other identifying regions not, then surely if the case came to trail, the prosecution would have quite a job on their hands to prove that the parts so exposed were indeed Tiger’s. Would he want his privates discussed in open court in that manner? I’m sure the proceedings would soon plumet to those of a Brian Rix farce.

  • Anonymous

    John the Monkey

    I think it was one of Lenny Henry’s jokes.

    EP: When we take power we’ll send you to Jamaca.

    LH: Thank you very much, I’ll take my first two weeks in July.

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