Jake Wallis Simons v Craig Murray 252

I have been given legal advice that I am permitted to publish the formal claim and defence documents. These are much less informative than the witness statements, which I am not allowed to publish, but at least it gives you some idea what is going on.

Over 3,000 people have now contributed to my defence fund. I can not tell you how touched I am by this overwhelming support. I should add that the letters and communications from those sending good wishes but financially unable to assist are equally valuable in maintaining my morale.

This is the original Claim:

This is my Defence

This is the Reply to the Defence

This next document goes to the heart of the astonishing system of repression that is English libel law. These are the claimants’ judge approved costs of £104,000, which should I lose I might well have to pay, in addition to my own costs plus assessed damages. The wildly disproportionate effect of using a libel claim to bankrupt somebody and destroy their lives needs to be highlighted. This means for the wealthy to silence and ruin the poor needs to be exposed for what it is.

This interview with Mark Lewis, the lawyer suing me, is headlined “UK’s Foremost Libel Lawyer Sets His Sights on Israel’s Enemies.” It characterises opponents of Israel as “Nazis” and opines “I am quite happy to take their homes off them… at least they can be a homeless Nazi.” I sincerely hope he does not consider me a Nazi, though plainly this case is started by my falsely being smeared as an anti-Semite. But no matter how objectionable somebody may find my views on Israel/Palestine, how does it serve justice that “at least my” wife and 8 year old son “can be homeless.” That is however precisely what Mr Lewis seeks to achieve and to be plain, he has threatened me in person with bankruptcy. The money, of course, would go to Mr Lewis and his team still more than to Mr Wallis Simons.

English libel law is recognised throughout the world as a draconian affront to democracy. Its survival is due not only to the fact that it is an invaluable tool for the wealthy to use against poor radicals, but also to the fact that libel is a very wealthy industry, feeding money to rich and influential individuals, including of course not only the libel lawyers but also the judges and court system which are all part of this massive vested interest, which is extremely well represented in the Westminster parliament.

All of which I am afraid leads me to renew my appeal for funds for my defence, which despite the extremely generous response so far, do not yet match the scale of the threat. I should say that I was extremely depressed and humiliated a few days ago in having to ask for money in this way, but the response has been so overwhelming and so kind, and accompanied by so many warm words for my work over the years, that the feelings of deep shame have been completely displaced by gratitude, friendship and affection.

On a practical point, a number of people have said they are not members of Paypal so could not donate. After clicking on “Donate”, just below and left of the “Log In” button is a small “continue” link which enables you to donate by card without logging in.

For those who prefer not to pay online, you can send a cheque made out to me to Craig Murray, 89/14 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8BA. As regular readers know, it is a matter of pride to me that I never hide my address.

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  • giyane

    Today Mrs May and her cabinet colleagues climbed into the tiny cockpit of a space-rocket called HenryVIII, which will be launched later this month by the Conservative Party conference. The tired, but stubborn, little face staring out of the Hard Brexit window will soon be travelling on a one-way ticket of selfless exploration of the universe. Methane in the cabin will be re-cycled chemically into oxygen, and other necessities of life. The launch day will signify the inception date of the break-up of the United Kingdom, as ministers struggle to wrestle delegated powers from Brussels back to Westminster, while devolved government succeed in removing the steering wheel off the ship of state. ” We didn’t need that anyway” they will cry as they emerge resplendent from the frothing sluices of the Thames Barrier in their green, and blue jumbly colours. “May has gone and 1000 years of British political history washed away in the estuaries of Essex.”
    When the Conservatives throw out May the time-old phrase ‘ Up sh*t creek without a paddle’ will realise its full significance and after 38 years of Dark Ages of Thatcher we will be able to be ruled by commonsense again.

    • Loony

      Those so allegedly interested in the EU as a symbol of outward looking progress seem remarkably myopic with an obsession about something called “Hard Brexit” – a term that did not feature as a voting option in the EU referendum.

      Oh look the breakup of the UK is imminent. Well a part of the UK had a vote in the recent past and decided to remain part of a unified United Kingdom. Contrast that with Spain where only yesterday some 1,000,000 took to the streets to march in favor of Catalan independence. See how the Spanish authorities have launched a series of investigations into all the main (and not so main) movers behind the Catalan independence movement.

      You like the EU so you must like Spain. Therefore you must know about Spain, therefore you must know something of its history, and consequently you must be aware of the tensions that still bubble beneath the surface. Not looking so good for peace and harmony in Spain so whose side are you on and why?

      Next up is Italy where 3 of the 4 main political parties (5^ Movement, the Northern League and Forza Italia) are in favor of a new currency to operate in parallel with the euro. Such an idea has the active support of at least 50% of the electorate.

      So if you like the EU then you must be able to explain either how this could work or why the Italians cannot be allowed their own currency and who it is that decides what is and is not good for Italians and where this right derives from.

      Still these issues could be a bit complex so best to focus on the UK – maybe a local councilor in Wolverhampton or somewhere has said something with which you do not agree.

      • nevermind

        I wish these Brexiteers would stop asking the 48% who voted against for their help and understanding, its like being bullied into cuddling a condemned on the Gallows.
        off course remainers will not be fobbed off with terms like sovereignty and getting once power back, when there is not one single tangible benefit voiced or drawn up or otherwise from leaving the unaccountable and mismanaged EU ( thanks to all of its constituent parts, including the UK, who always sought their economy’s quick gain and benefit over and above the need to make the EU work for its voters).
        Moaning about it now, when one has done nothing for four decades to change the equation at the centre of EU decision making, is weak squabble when the horse has bolted. Swinging handbags and asking for rebates does not mean that you are actively improving the EU, it was divisive stuff.

        Forza Italia and the Northern league, the Langobards, or long beards, have always been a troublesome lot, but when it comes to their economic needs to access the EU single market and leaving it, they have no answer.

        The EU must change and it will, even without UK input at the centre, but to think that it will change to suit us on our way into the mid Atlantic, is a foolish folly. And don’t think you can blame any of the incompetences that are currently on offer by so called UK negotiators on Labour or the SNP.

        Now please name one tangible practical benefit of leaving the EU

  • Ishmael

    To bring a little more cheer, and perhaps useful perspective to things.

    If it comes to it (and i’m quite sure it won’t) we only use half this house. As someone in need you’d be quite welcome to occupy a room or two. I’m recalled of a book I recently re-read, ‘The City of Joy’ Dominique lapierre, that for those who haven’t read it largely tells the story of a kind of left wing Mother Teresa. It is the book that inspired me to see India for myself.

    What we face is (in my case also) difficulty from our own perspective. That should not be discounted, but it can be challenged by our own will to see or experience things from another. This can bring an extraordinary amount of strength to a person.

    At once it seems to throw this situation, this act by said person in to a light of utter patheticness. For a wealthy man to partake in this action. What does this say about how some are in this society? And considering this maybe it makes the whole situation easier to face.

    • glenn_uk

      Buy a copy of the Mail. That combination of hate, gossip and willful ignorance necessary in their readership would suit you perfectly.

  • fred

    Not long ago the Scottish nationalists decided they would utilise the unfairness of the courts to punish Kezia Dugdale. Stuart Campbell who is bringing the action can’t lose, his costs are being paid by his followers he is in a win win situation while Kezia Dugdale is in a lose lose situation, as what happens she will go through the worry and anguish of a court case.

    This seems to me a very similar situation where Nationalists feel they are justified in using an unfair system to punish, and deter, political opposition and stifle freedom of expression.

    • Njegos

      Very good. In other words, a totally tribal vision. Just as Craig correctly pointed out. JWS was actually quoting Israeli official policy. Interesting twist.

    • giyane

      So Ayelet Shaked shills Zionist tripe. Why wouldn’t she? Even the jihadists fly the slogans of Islam while doing the opposite. We know now that Trump is a white supremacist. Something’s got to power the military industrial complex. Does it really matter if the wax-work puppets at Mme Tussauds are animates to make them look more realistic. Humanity runs on Justice, and it finds most other subjects incredibly boring. Who cares if Ayelet Shaked worships the Mammon of the military industrial complex. The story is an old one and exceedingly dull. The one about Jesus pbuh calling his nation to Justice when they wanted power and trade with their enemies. Do they think they will be more successful in the 21st century than they were in the 1st century? And if so, reasons please.

  • Adam Clifford

    Have to say,opening his remarks with,’This is a manifestation of the oldest hatred,of anti-Semitism,which has been rebranded for 2016 as anti-Zionism.’ and thus characterising Craig Murray,would be an outrage for a lot of people.I think Craig’s heated reaction is in response to this opening,inflammatory remark.It is a serious accusation.

  • Ian

    Now that it has become clear that Zionism is opposed to universal human rights, as espoused by a member of the Israeli government:


    then Craig’s description of himself as a human rights campaigner makes him, and millions of others, anti-zionist by definition, and of course has nothing to do with anti-semitism. These are government policies which are claimed to be zionist. And thus, being opposed to human rights violations by any government, does not make that person prejudiced against its citizens, whatever cultural, social or ethnic group they belong to.

    So Simpson’s opening gambit is demonstrably false, as the disgraceful assertion of his campaigning lawyer.

  • Marcus Beale

    I think you should counter sue for him calling you anti Semitic. He was being outrageous. You have never been anything of the kind.

    • Peter RV

      Wouldn’t sue anyone for calling me antisemite. If you read Talmud, even Jesus Christ fits in that cathegory.
      (on Monday I am sending a cheque to Craig Murray!)

  • harrylaw

    Recently the Trading standards Dept with advice from the Food Standards Agency refused to prosecute a trader in Wine from the Golan Heights Winery, That trader falsely represented the wine as ‘Wine of Israel’ and Produced and bottled by Golan Heights Winery PO Box183 Katzrin 12900 Israel. The grapes were grown, harvested, turned into wine and bottled in the Golan Heights Syria. They argue that because Golan Heights was mentioned, ipso facto consumers would not be misled. That is wrong, the above are not misleading representations,[misleading meaning there is doubt as to whether it is true or false] they are deliberate false representations. The fact that Golan Heights Winery was mentioned, and was completely taken out of context from the factually false address, indicates that the powers that be have no intention of prosecuting traders who lie to consumers, and are at this time still flouting EU Legislation and UK Acts of Parliament with complete impunity.

  • harrylaw

    According to the opinion of all 15 Judges at the International Criminal Court [ICJ] in the ‘Wall case’ 2004. all the settlements in territory occupied by Israel since 1967 are illegal and constitute grave war crimes in flagrant breach of the fourth Geneva convention [Article 49.6) and the International criminal court act UK 2001 (article 8 2b[viii]):-
    “The transfer, directly or indirectly, by the occupying power of parts of its own civilian population in to the Territory it occupies, or the deportation or transfer of all or parts of the population of the occupied Territory within or outside this Territory”.
    Therefore all Israeli governments since 1967 who have approved and implemented the settlement enterprise [all of them] are war criminals, that is not Anti Semitic, that is a brutal fact.

  • John

    A harsh way to learn that ‘cunt’ is not actionable whereas ‘liar’ is. You are too polite, Craig.

  • Danny Dayus

    All the best wishes for the court case. What a horrifying world we live in. Motto for the day: money is only ever a tool, however useful, to those whose freedom, duty, and integrity are worth a whole life’s effort. While other plot unending moral pollution let the best keep their eye on that prize.

  • crisiscult

    I’m sure neither you nor Simons are anti-semitic/anti Jewish but, and never having heard of him before now, he comes across as more damaging to Jews individually and collectively than you do. He seems to be saying that your comment regarding a “theocratic overlay” (and also not forgetting your word ‘construct’) is equal to the statement that Israel “claims tribal superiority”. I think you were right to dispute this.
    For me, and I would hope the vast majority of educated people in the world, we can separate the concept of a country, its rulers, the ideology of rulers and elites who gain from that country’s policies, and a country that is made up of ordinary people, many ordinary good and bad people like any country. Is Israel the people of Israel? Is the UK you and I, or is it Teresa May, Tory party donors e.g. weapons manufacturers getting a pretty penny from bombing Yemen? If it’s the latter, then I hate the UK for it being a callous murdering @#£k. For me, Simons is saying they are both the same thing and therefore he’d find my comment here personally offensive, and indeed dangerous because as a Brit (assuming he’s a Brit here) I’m saying he’s a callous murdering @#£k. By the way, the concept of Britain/the UK is a colonising bully. Britain/the British are not.

    Friends of mine who have lived in Israel and been part of anti-government protests seem to get short shrift from certain prominent ‘backers’ of Israel and it worries me for the logic I’ve set out above. There’s been a battle for many years

  • Mike

    “Jake Wallis Simons and his classmates at his Orthodox Jewish school would debate which side they would support if Britain and Israel went to war. The consensus, he recalls, was that they would throw their lot in with Israel.”

    I’m pretty sure this must be the same man who emailed and threatened me in response to my comment in the Daily Mail about Israel’s disgusting behaviour.

    Whoever he was, he came across as a really nasty piece of work. I wish you all the very best Craig Murray, God Bless!

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