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President Abbas of Palestine delivered a stunning rebuke to Theresa May in his speech to the UN General Assembly, which differed from his prepared and released script. What Abbas actually said was this:

My message to you, Mrs May, as Prime Minister of this country, if I may be so bold, is this: when David Lloyd George, your predecessor in the role, issued the Balfour Declaration on 2nd November 1917, he was committing a heinous crime against ninety-seven per cent of the population of Palestine. The evil consequences of that crime reverberate down to our present day. As an educated woman, especially one in such a high position, you know all that, I am sure.

Which is why I am astounded by your cold reluctance, your seeming inability, to be moved by the 100 years of misery, injustice, destruction and atrocities inflicted on the Palestinians by their oppressors, first the British, then the Israelis. You appear equally impervious to the cries of anger and frustration from thousands of people in this country, of all faiths and none, faced with HMG’s refusal to make good on the promise in the second part of the Balfour Declaration. A simple gesture of sympathy with non-Jewish Palestinians, the descendants of the indigenous Christians and Muslims of historical Palestine in 1917, would be a start. How can it not occur to you what an enormous benefit that would have for peace and security in the Middle East and wider afield?

The iconic suffering of the Palestinian people is a sore that needs to be healed. Only Britain has the ability to administer the healing balm. How long will they, and the world, have to wait, Prime Minister, for the healing to begin? When will you make a start?

The ignored part of the Balfour Convention to which Abbas referred is of course: “It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.”

Israel not only continues its aggressive programme of illegal settlement building, it also continues to demolish Palestinian structures in the territories it occupies, including schools and medical facilities built by the European Union and its member states. I do urge you to read this truly shocking report from CNN. There are many other examples.

The Daily Mail published an article promoting the frankly ludicrous argument that the EU is acting contrary to international law by building schools and clinics in the occupied territories. The article is highly tendentious because the Mail fails to state that the legal “authority” it quotes, Alan Baker, is himself an illegal settler.

The author is Jake Wallis Simons. He is given to omitting essential information from his reports on Israel and its supporters. On 28 April 2017 Wallis Simons published an account in the Mail of a Palestinian support meeting in Parliament, from which pro-Israel supporters were removed by police after they were disruptive. The article is tendentious in saying that the Zionist disrupters were removed by police with machine guns. Armed police were present, due to recent terrorist incidents around parliament, but in fact they called in non-armed support to remove the noisy protestors, and there was over a five minute delay for the unarmed officers to arrive.

But where Wallis Simons is particularly tendentious is in featuring prominently and quoting pro-Israeli activist Mandy Blumenthal in the article, with a glamorous photograph of her. Wallis Simons again fails to give the reader essential information – in this case that Ms Blumenthal is the partner of Mark Lewis, Mr Wallis Simons’ lawyer who is acting for Mr Wallis Simons to sue me for libel in the High Court. A reader of the Daily Mail article may have wanted to know of the author’s close relationship with the subject’s partner.

Mr Wallis Simons is Associate Editor of the Mail Online and thus, even though the byline is Rory Tingle, it is probably not unreasonable to associate him with the Mail Online’s even more sensational article about Mandy Blumenthal last month:

Ms Blumenthal is searching for property in Israel, and plans to leave within the next ‘few years’, but would emigrate within weeks if Mr Corbyn became Prime Minister.

This article is accompanied by an astonishing four photos of Ms Blumenthal, all copyright Ms Blumenthal herself, and three photos of her father. It is part an extraordinary puff piece for Ms Blumenthal – complete with posed cleavage shot I am not reproducing – and part a rehash of the Mail’s repeated attempts to associate Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism. The article has no real basis at all – a threat by a little known person to leave the UK “in a few years”. Interestingly, though it tells us much about her late father, it does not mention her rather better known partner, Mark Lewis.

It is legitimate to ask how on earth the Mail Online, Associate Editor Jake Wallis Simons, came to be publishing this extraordinary promotional piece for Mark Lewis’ partner at all.

Mark Lewis from his public Facebook page, which states he is in a relationship with Mandy Blumenthal.

Finally, here is a video clip of Ms Blumenthal in action again this month, this time with her brother, double glazing salesman and UKIP candidate (I did not make those up} Alan Blumenthal. Yet again they were deliberately disrupting a pro-Palestinian meeting, this time featuring a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset as speaker. Mr Blumenthal is the balding man with spectacles and you can judge his behaviour for yourself.

Precisely why the Blumenthals feel the need to attend pro-Palestinian meetings and disrupt them, is an interesting question. One can easily imagine the outrage of the Daily Mail if I or others turned up to pro-Israeli meetings and behaved in this way. I might add I would not dream of doing so.

Jake Wallis Simons, Mandy Blumenthal and Mark Lewis form a nexus whose methods and motivations could not be more plain. Nevertheless that does not mean I cannot be in real trouble in having to make a libel defence against Wallis Simons, under England’s repressive libel system..


I continue urgently to need contributions to my defence in the libel action against me by Jake Wallis Simons, Associate Editor of Daily Mail online. You can see the court documents outlining the case here. I am threatened with bankruptcy and the end of this blog (not to mention a terrible effect on my young family). Support is greatly appreciated. An astonishing 4,000 people have now contributed a total of over £75,000. But that is still only halfway towards the £140,000 target. I realise it is astonishing that so much money can be needed, but that is the pernicious effect of England’s draconian libel laws, as explained here.

On a practical point, a number of people have said they are not members of Paypal so could not donate. After clicking on “Donate”, just below and left of the “Log In” button is a small “continue” link which enables you to donate by card without logging in.

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83 thoughts on “President Abbas’ Rebuke to Theresa May over Palestine

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  • Dave

    The root of all hate crime double speak leads back to Zion and is deployed to protect their abuse of privilege rather than the vulnerable. The idea is to make all criticism, real or imagined, justified or not, of an ism, a crime. Hence did you wonder why it was an offence, or at least portrayed as an offence within MSM, to ask for black coffee, rather than coffee without milk? It was done to make people self-conscience and wary of the whole subject of race and immigration and fearing the charge of racism over any innocent comment.

    In this context it doesn’t seem so mad to be called anti-Semitic when talking about and criticising, without authority, Israel. The “Left” benefited from this thought crime when Zion was part of the Left, but the “Left” has become the victim of this criminalisation of free speech, now Zion has moved to the “Right”.

  • Dave

    And I’m sorry to say Craig’s plight is due to an abuse of the charge of anti-Semitism, just as the charge of racism is abused. The problem is this abuse is an integral and intended part of hate crime legislation that creates a culture of denouncement worthy of the old soviet union, that privileges the rich and unless the “Left” embrace free speech legislation then they will become victims of their own intolerance.

    • glenn_nl

      WTF are you talking about dude? You think the Mail and the Corbyn-bashers, not to mention the hideous regime in question, is left wing in some respect?

      Totally agreed that the charge of anti-Semitism is being cynically exploited, but allowing more hate-speech is hardly the answer.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Whatb Dave may be trying to get across is the role of the liberal, comfortable, metropolitan middle-class ‘Left’ in making formerly acceptable areas of discussion into no-go areas surrounded by largely synthetic horror. Like, eg, the desirabilty or otherwise of immigration. Naturally this colludes happily with Isr**l’s useful idiots in seeking to suppress any criticism of that country’s ethnic cleansing by fitting it into the ever-widening and vague catch-all of ‘racism’.

      I think Dave has a point. If the intellectual ‘left’ were rather less concerned with protecting our ‘right’ not to be called a cunt for being a cunt, it wouldn’t be making room for the likes of Regev to promote, and his useful Press idiots to propagate, their poisonous lies.

      Now go ahead and call me a cunt. Just don’t try and stop me from calling you one. Fair?

    • fred

      So effectively branding someone with different views on Zionism to you as anti-semitic isn’t too different to branding someone with different views on the European Union to you as racist.

  • Sharp Ears

    Sky News has been ceaseless in its reporting of ‘anti semitism’ at the Labour conference last night. This morning Tamara Cohen is reporting live in Brighton and then the paper reviewfolloweds in the studio. Over the three hours the smeat was repeated over and over. They did have Ashworth on to condemn it.

    Heil front page.

    and their article

    Labour is branded ‘the real nasty party’ after activist at their conference suggests the Holocaust should be debated and others compared supporters of Israel to Nazis
    Leader Jeremy Corbyn is in Brighton for the Labour Party’s annual conference
    Labour has been branded the ‘new nasty party’ after an outbreak of intimidation
    Mr Corbyn, 68, is facing a row about intimidation of the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg
    Jeremy Corbyn accused of having an ‘ostrich strategy’ to anti-Semitism as Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany

    Jeremy Corbyn accused of having an ‘ostrich strategy’ to anti-Semitism as Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany


    What a rag. I tried to copy the title but they kept taking me to their privacy policy!

  • nevermind

    Thanks for the excellent speech by Abbas, which said a lot about the failure of the UK and its Balfour cataclysm, but nothing about Abbas Fatah regime. I wish him well in the latest reconciliation attempt, only a united Palestinian front can expect to be taken seriously by its people.

    The Labour party’s ‘party Democracy review’, overseen by Katy Clark, Mr. Corbyns political secretary, is looking to change the Clause 4 of the party.
    And verbatim from the i, by Richard Vaughan.

    ‘Labour MP’s will also be concerned by another clause that will seek to allow members to criticise Zionism.
    According to the report, a new clause will be put forward stating
    ” hatred of Jews shall not be evidenced by non abusive words or actions regarding Israel or Zionism that are part of legitimate political discourse.”

    Hurray, long overdue and finally debated. Another issue that should be debated is ‘Votes for the many , not just the few’ i.e. an end to this lazy scoundrelly electoral voting system. Once and for all Labour should have the gumption to say, yes we will reform elections, put an end to the farce voters have to watch at every GE and give them a fair and proportional vote, by Law, no need for a referendum.

    I’m sure that the clarification over Zionism and anti Semitism will be music to the ears of to Jake Wallis Simons and his lawyer mates.

  • nevermind

    I had a lovely letter from a anonymous coward, responding to a nonchalant letter I wrote to the Eastern Daily Prattle about what EU/UK citizens are to loose.

    S/He actually attempted the first step of debate with his one sentence response, and s/he got the comma in the right place. They did not say to take my children and grand children with me, all are UK born and tax/pension providers. The person also failed to address whether they are prepared to get their lazy soandos’s out of bed in the morning and do the job of immigrants. The post office, Peterborough, shows that the person is some kind of flat lander.
    My reply would be ‘get a life boar’

    I have been told many times ‘to leave then and go back to your country’ that is a normal response for the UK. What slightly riles me is the adage of the words’ don;’t blight ours’, something I never contemplated.
    My letter was signed by two other people, both now unsure of their next steps. But I shan’t be silenced by people who hide underneath bridges and now and then pop up to troll us.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      I hope no-one takes you to task for being racist to ‘flatlanders’, Nevermind. That said, the last time I was in Peterborough -and I sincerely hope it is the last time – it struck me as being extremely well-provided with recent Asian and African immigrants, as well as EU migrant workers. A problem may well be more personally perceived there, than in an agreeable Norfolk village. OK, I’m playing devil’s advocate. But this is a live issue, and set to get live-er as our hopeless government fails to spot the opportunities, dithers about the details, and ultimately fails to produce a solution anyone is happy with. In my experience of writing to the local rag (on a completely different issue, elsewhere), what you got isn’t exceptional. Best not to reply – you won’t convert anyone.

      My guess is that what we end up with will not involve the repatriation of longstanding members of the community. It probably won’t end up with much reduction in the availability of cheap casual labour – EU or not – for unregulated employers. It will almost certainly not produce more housing, a solvent NHS, less bureacracy or less corruption. The issues leading to the referendum will be poorly addressed, if at all, and the monolithic, wasteful and pretty undemocratic mechanisms of the EU will continue to grind away any remaining sense of national identity in order further to enhance the wealth of the already wealthy. Which reminds me, if you know the right people, you can buy UK citizenship, no questions asked, know what I mean? Have you considered that? A few hundred grand to Tory funds should do the trick.

  • Kim

    Ironic that Lewis and Blumenthal are having such a love-in with the Daily Heil, the paper that supported Hitler, the Nazis and the British Union of Fascists.

  • Sharp Ears

    I completely concur with this piece by Stuart Littlewood on Abbas.

    Abbas is no Arafat
    He must go
    September 27th, 2017

    I’ve been writing about the plight of the amiable Palestinian people under Israel’s jackboot for the same length of time that Mahmoud Abbas has been Palestinian president. And that’s far too long. Abbas has also been chairman of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation, which describes itself as the sole representative of the Palestinian people) for even longer.

    A recent poll by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research showed that the Palestinians have had enough. Two-thirds want Abbas out.

    The photos here taken in 2012 when Blair was the Quartet Envoy (a bad joke) say it all.

  • Yitzhak

    24 September, Craig writes of ‘President Abbas of Palestine’. Which ‘Palestine’ would that be? And would that be the same ‘President’ who is now on year twelve of his four-year mandate? Chuckle.

  • SA

    Complete media silence on the lifting of the siege of Deir Ezzor by the SAA with help from the RuAF. However Michael Fallon had to make a statement about how invaluable the contribution of UK was in rolling back DAESH in Iraq and Syria. Is it now official policy that burrying our head in the sand and making false announcements is the norm in Foreign and defence policy?

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