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Hmm, puzzling. First, the RSS feed called ‘Comments for Craig Murray’ seems to work just fine.

I tried a couple of other Firefox extensions (Simple RSS reader and Bamboo) and they both report either an error or no feed found when trying to add Craig’s main blog.

I did manage to briefly get things working OK during the process of installing the Simple RSS reader extension, but now it’s gone back to showing ‘XML parse error’ when I click on the feed using Sage.

Other feeds – including new ones I’ve just added – seem to work fine.

I’d be suspicious of my browser/settings/extensions if it wasn’t for two facts:
– other feeds (including Craig’s comments feed) seem to work OK
– neither the ‘subscribe’ icon, nor the feed URL work in Google Chrome.

Run out of time to play around this morning, so must leave it there for now.