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Thanks for hosting a ‘user’ feedback, though in my case considering the dossier that was aimed at my work hierarchy following my participation in CM.O.UK it should be called ‘idiot’ feedback! – your endemic JTRIG et al. ‘spam-machines’ are quite meddlesome, I had to have an interview with coffee about the ramifications of your website.

I think you could change the color each month, that’s not a big problem – tho’ some people do need high contrast according to UX guidelines, just look at the “accessibility area” of your smart-phone. There are however only 216 safe netscape colours to choose from.

the blog has really improved threadability, I like the fact that arriving at e.g. “Disappearing Aircraft” – the first thing you see is now the most recent post, with a clear thread of who is contributing and who is timewasting. In the past one would have to start at Page One Comment One of the 5000 comments and hundreds of pages, every-time! We can still go back to P1, but its great that the server remembers where we have got to, easy for computers to do this.

On your Mobile page, I do get a clash between Craig’s headline of his latest Post and the cartoon cartouche Number of Comments, they overlap quite a lot on an iOS screen.

For the rest of your technical site, do you *have* to use DNS in the nice city of Gloucester?, why not just host them across the other side of the M5/A40? I think there are a lot of servers in that part of the world . . .(according to Have you considered to migrate from Apache to Nginx for a (possibly) smaller attack surface?

I notice that your site doesn’t work with Android 2.3.7 or IE 6 / XP or IE 8 / XP due to SSL certificate issues, (basically your use of the RFC4366 Apache extended security SSL with Server Name Indication) That’s probably OK, tho’ I do sometimes spoof my user-agent as Internet Exploder 6 on XP just for fun.

thanks, YKMN ( a lot of your ‘regulars’ know everything about me, and that was part of the experiment )