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Phil the ex frog


There are some truths contained in Marxist thought, but at its core it remains idealistic and non viable.

We need to ensure to distinguish between his ideas. Don’t dismiss them all because of the obvious problems with some. For instance, his critic/analysis of capitalism is widely acknowledged as a ground breaking economic philosophy. Whereas his notion of a transitional workers state (as a step towards communism) is a highly contented idea.
Basically do not dismiss all of Marx because of the USSR.

And to dismiss Marxist thought as not viable falls into the trap of bundling all his ideas into one lump of terroristy stuff.

I think you meant utopian but I can be pedantic. In philosophical terms Marx is a “materialist”, the opposite to an “idealist”.

To grossly simplify what I barely understand: Idealism holds that ideas, such a religion, shape society and drive history. Materialism holds that real world material needs (economics if you like) drive actions, which are rationalised with, maybe even influenced by, ideals.

Idealist: wow, I’ve heard the son of god speak and he told me to lob some stones at the romans and I will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Materialist: fuck me they crucified fred for stealing bread. I’m joining jesus’s gang. Amen.

Western economies/societies have been hijacked by special interest groups

What groups do you mean? Please expand.

I have worked in socialist/communist societies

I’d like to hear more if your inclined to say to say.