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ah, Dungroanin, my comment is too was modded as off-topic, and it is the most discussed news today in ru-web

Just look at it! Unbelievable!
Ukrainian general says it were Ukraine, who attacked ‘Donbass’ battalion in 2014, not Russia!
here is the source (in russian) with the video interview

Скандал: Муженко признался, что авиация ВСУ в 2014 году ликвидировала колонну «Донбасса» — Семенченко пообещал отомстить

“When the “Donbass” battalion moved to attack Popasna, this column was seen by our pilots. Mostly there was civilian equipment, school buses and so on, but partly military equipment. The pilots then attacked, and then we’ve been investigating whose is this column.” (c) Muzhenko, ex-head of Ukrainian General Headquarters.
“Oh, so it was a scumbag Muzhenko, not Russians? Five years have passed – and I just found out that it were they who attacked us …» (c) Semenchenko, ex-commander of the batallion

rascals, how is it possible to shoot at school buses?

Maybe in some 5 or 10 years we will know the truth about this “Iranian” attack on oil tankers. I see they only tell truth when they become ex-something.
Like Gerhard Shroeder, now he is ex- and can say openly. He says that the Crimean move to Russia is legal.