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My Skripal theory in full for you Tatyana.

Since off-topic is all the rage at the moment I will publish my simple, but now completely firm belief about the Skripal poisoning.

I have for a very long time now thought that much of what has been said in the Western media about this is a smokescreen to divert attention away from the true facts of this case.

What no-one seems to have recognised is the absurdity of choosing a time when Sergei Skripal’s daughter Yulia was visiting to carry out his murder. That makes no sense at all. Any would be assassin is not going to attempt the murder when he has close company. It would carry too many risks. He could be alerted by his companion and his companion might also have to be dealt with. The assassination attempt may fail.

it would make far more sense to carry out the assassination attempt when his daughter went home. Then he would be alone and a much easier target. Could the murdered not have waited?

Another regular contributor to this blog and who is a Russian national has commented very strongly that Sergei Skripal was a traitor to Russia. Loyalty to mother Russia is something that Russians take very seriously, and betraying Russia is a very grave offense. You can see on the video of Mr Skripal’s arrest the anger in the faces of the officers who were taking him to his cell.

What sort of effect does all of this have on young Yulia? Yulia, a proud young Russian woman who has grown up the child of a respected military man suddenly finds herself the daughter of a traitor. She is the daughter of the lowest of the low in the eyes of her fellow Russians. My guess is that she felt the full force of this shame and the disgrace that it brought upon her family.

Yulia loved her father, but also secretly hated him for his betrayal. My belief is that Yulia visited her father early last year with the intention that it would be a final visit. She brought with her poison. Perhaps Fentanyl, and chose her moment when she and her father sat down on a bench, alone in the centre of Salisbury. She dosed her father with the poison and then administered it to herself.

Yulia survived, as we know, but I believe that Sergei was killed. This had nothing whatsoever to do with the Russian government who would have tried to prevent her from taking this course of action had they known.

I do not believe that Bashirov and Petrov had anything to do with this, though they may have been Yulia’s scapegoats.

As for Mrs May, she is surely too stupid to understand that what she is told by MI5-6 is nonsense. Mr Putin behaves with dignity as usual.