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Hi Tatyana. with my knowledge of my mother tongue, I can confirm that your translation is very close to that of the original document.
I have read through all of the different correspondences to the various organisation and individuals.
Resch, knowing the way the BND and authoritative bureaucrats work from previous other cases, has safeguarded his information trail; and information, as well as the informant named as ‘otto’.
He offered it up more than once to the JIT and was rebuffed, via v.Weerft, as clearly is shown in the video.
The story is out, but not the details, they seem to be in the hands of Swiss prosecutors right now.

It is not obvious from the letters he sent, but I’m sure that Resch has duplicates somewhere.

The BND has seemingly put him under surveillance, he has had one heart attack and is fearful for his life, now that his evidence which is detailed communication references from a source very likely to be inside, or known to western intelligence agencies. He is being pressured but wants this information to be part of the publicly available narrative.
I sus-pect that this wouyld blow the existing ‘t’was Russia out of the water.

Another point, which this unanswered case of MH17 and the Skripal affair have got in common, is that both occurances were blamed on Russia within 24 hrs., a slight indicator that says something is amiss. Both cases have multiple actors and various differing alleys are pursued at first, but all under the heading that5 ‘Russia has done it’, when no such thing was provable form the outset.

With the current piracy against the Grace 2 by the UK, and they have form in history, destroying hundreds of years old regulative framework with an illegal act. and the current narrative of a navy flotilla of like-minded NATO states being rumoured sailing to the Gulf, such information of western illegality, so to sp3eak, egging on Ukraine into an illegal act, would not go down well with some in Washingt9on and London, so Resch is very much in danger and his case is being held back by judicial means, interfering BND actions and refusal of acknowledgements, anything to keep this out of the pu8blic.

In my humble opinion. take care