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Paul Barbara

@ Clark August 23, 2019 at 13:01
Vaxxed is not conspiracy theory, it exposes very real, health-destroying (and sometimes murderous) conspiracies, which you have as good as accepted regarding some Pharma Corporations in the past.
So the ‘Hills Criteria of Causation’: is not scientific?
Scientific principles CAN be written in Popular Mechanics, but are often not when they try to save the establishment’s butt by buttressing some baloney that breaks accepted laws of physics (and please don’t try to get this comment section closed down as you did another one).
Re the Citroen driver, it depends on his level of knowledge. I have often been in that position, with Peugeots. Sometimes I chose one, sometimes the other. If the part is difficult to replace, or takes a long time, I have generally opted for the maker’s parts, but where it is not too difficult to replace, or is not too expensive labour-wise, then I usually plump for the cheaper part. I was quite competent in working on cars in the 60’s and 70’s, but particularly with diesels they got too complicated for me later on.
Again, it would be helpful if you didn’t keep bringing ‘conspiracy theories’ into the equation, when what I try to show are genuine, died-in-the-wool conspiracies, if not out of the mouths of the perps, at least clearly evident by their actions.