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Tatyana said:

this day, 80 years ago, World War II had started with German invasion into Poland. Your Queen was 13 years old then, and my grandmother was 10.

Shame. But these events, who they invite etc, have little to do with the people in the country, & I’d imagine many so called “leaders’ (UK particularly) are sucking up to the US Russiagate narrative.

It’s like saying we accept the queen, I’d have lost faith in all UK sanity if I believed that really true. & Not that you vote for kings, but I’ve never ever taken one Pole that asked this, or on many of the other things they assert. My theory is there is a whole section of British society, namely the poor, who are more or less totally disengaged, & my experience of political party targeting confirms this…

& those that do engage? Their consent is heavily manufactured by press brainwashing.

I consider these things, & respect the memory. & I bet many ordinary people in Poland do also… I don’t know the details of Poland politically atm, but these are not friendly political times among the elite thanks to US aggression & all who go along with em.