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it seems that the reason for such idiotic behavior of Poland has been found. The reason is simple, as always it’s money.

” Mariusz Blashak, the Minister of National Defence of Poland … accused Russia that his country has not received the postwar reparations from Germany.

… the Polish parliamentary group … calculated that the country could require Germany to pay about another trillion dollars …

Germany has repeatedly stated that they do not intend to make payments, because there is no reason to question Poland’s refusal of reparations in 1954.

Mariusz Blashak comments that “Russia made such a decision” and “Poland was not sovereign” in it.”

I see how conviniet for Poland it is to be an enemy of Russia, today it may bring another trillion dollars!

Then, why are they silent about Eastern Prussia, Upper Silesia, Lower Silesia, Frankfurt, Reichenau and Pomerania with the way to the Baltic Sea, their only way to the sea! Evil Stalin imposed these lands on them after the war! Poland, if you are friends with Germany, should you not return the lands? 🙂
Or do they want both to keep the land and to get another trillion dollars?

Another country barking about Soviet occupation is Ukraine, she should then return half of its territory back to Russia, I’m always standing for justice 🙂