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I mean, just remember the above when you think that Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was the only treaty with Hitler 🙂

we were on the family trip to the seaside this week-end and went as far from Krasnodar as far as to the Novorossyisk city. When we were driving in the Goryachiy Kluch and Krymsk my husband told to our son that every meter of this land is literally covered with shells and blood. He also told that Hungarians and Romanians and Slovaks were standing there.
I asked if they were fighting with Hitler, but my husband turned very bitter and sarcastically said – “no, please remember we were fighting alone. Hungarians were well-known for their cruelty and punitive actions, so even there was an order not to take them prisoners”.
He also tald that nearer to the end of the war, when it was obvious USSR is winning, many “changed their boots in the air” (*russian idiom for changing the mask).
And now they stand as countries-winners.

even on September 1 in Poland, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic surprised many historians by stating:
– The Croatian people … have made the greatest contribution to the anti-fascist struggle in Europe …

and historians say that : The independent Croatian power, created by Hitler on the ruins of Yugoslavia, sent the 369th volunteer regiment to the Eastern front. This regiment fought well enough against our soldiers during the battle of Stalingrad.