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Tony, I’ve had a look at Cassandra Howath’s article in Off-Guardian, and the article it criticises by Claire Wordley on Novara Media.

It looks to me as though there is a genuine disagreement that would take me days to investigate, but it really has very little to do with Extinction Rebellion. Claire Wordley wrote in her own voice, with no mention of XR. Cassandra Howath claims that “Extinction Rebellion has eagerly responded to these calls by staging protests outside Bolivian embassies across Europe”, but the citation supporting this links to a single page on XR Germany calling for a single XR demonstration in Berlin, co-organised with an apparently non-XR protest in London. There are over 400 XR groups worldwide; Howath has insufficient grounds to depict this as an XR policy.

And you have insufficient grounds to depict Greta Thunberg as a eugenicist. Sorry Tony, but I think you should review your paranoia level.

MODS, thanks for the deleted material so I could check it out.