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“And one which can’t be allowed to be hijacked by the very people who have created global warming. You know? The same people who are inviting cute little teenage Aspergers sufferer Greta Thunberg into their offices all over the world? Yes, they…”

There is a saying, I think it originated in psychology, “there are no good people or bad people, only behaviours”. The very foundation of the toxic system is to set people against each other. But the ongoing eco-catastrophe changes everything; it threatens the richest along with the poorest; not as immediately, not as badly, but every bit as finally – what point accumulating wealth and power if both are certain to be baked to dust? Leave what to ones descendants? Go down in what history? The very incentives of elitism are suddenly moot. Some of the more intelligent among the privileged seem to have woken to this. If Soros’ money has bought some gazebos under which the Rebels can shelter next month around Parliament Square, good, I’ll be glad to get out of the rain. If that means more of us can endure the conditions for longer and thus apply more pressure, again, good.

It’s all very well sharing our discontent on-line, but on its own it achieves only recruitment to the various causes. To actually change anything we have to act, and eco-catastrophe requires that we act now. Please consider supporting our actions in October.