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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 25, 2019 at 12:37
‘..stop spreading ungrounded fears, and instead start alerting people to the real dangers, which would be far more constructive. At present you embody the attitude to science promoted by the so-called “mainstream” media…’
On the contrary, I hardly ever read the MSM (apart from the Evening Standard on the Underground), never mind use their methods.
They try to cover up and obfuscate, outright deny or ignore the truth about very real and important issues.
You accuse ME of spreading disinfo, when you do it all the time (albeit you obviously believe what you write).
Your invitation to meet up in London where you would convince me with a few diagrams that the Towers came down because of planes and fires is a non-starter – I know a damn sight better, so we shall have to await more evidence.
Very glad you’re reading the Hulsey Reprt.
You will be pleased to know your badgering has eventually born fruit – I have just ordered Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’.