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September 7, Ukraine and Russia made a long-awaited exchange of prisoners. Among the detainees, Vladimir Tsemakh (Владимир Цемах) returned to Russia.
Vladimir Tsemakh was a commander of the “air defense” in Donbass. Kiev authorities consider him a witness in the MH17 case. Tsemakh’s relatives say, he was abducted in July from his apartment by the Security Service of Ukraine.
Dutch investigators questioned him before his release.

“Witness in the criminal case of the MH17 crash, Vladimir Tsemah refused to make a deal with the investigation” – former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. – According to the Ukrainian constitution, Kiev has no right to extradite him to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has repeatedly held high-level negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership to prevent the transfer of Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia, said Stephanus Blok (Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs) in a letter to the country’s parliament.

Netherlands Prosecutor’s Office refused to disclose Tsemah’s status in MH17

The Netherlands Prosecutor General’s Office has now turned to Moscow with a request (or even a demand) to extradite Tsemakh. The Russian embassy does not confirm the information.
In addition, the Dutch “cannot ignore the extraordinary fact of Ukraine’s transfer of its own citizens,” including Tsemakh himself, which directly contradicts the country’s constitution.
And taking into account the fact that in June he was abducted by Ukrainian special services from the Donbass territory, pumped up with drugs and taken out with fake passport, that is, very serious effort was made to seize him.