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“how disrespectful and arrogant is the suppressing of their ‘delivery request’ for certain type of molecules”

Indeed. That attitude displays a deep respect for nature.

However, those ‘delivery requests’ are to a large extent habituated, and they can be conditioned and trained. And humanity has an environmental emergency; the biosphere simply can’t supply as much food from animals as populations of developed places want, and which the market system therefore supplies. Our way of life is already unsustainable, and it certainly can’t be generalised to all of humanity.

I’m not ideologically vegetarian or vegan, but I usually eat meat only about once every two weeks. I missed it at first but now it seems fine, but when I’m working on festival sites and thus living in a tent I find that I crave meat about once a day. I had all but given up dairy produce, until recently I started spending more time with, ironically, a vegetarian.

Hummus and falafel are great.