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The autonomous administration of the northeastern Syria officially announced on Sunday that it had reached an agreement with the Syrian authorities to deploy the Syrian army along the entire Syrian border with Turkey to help repel the attack of the Turkish army and pro-Turkish groups.
Yasin Aktay, Adviser to the Turkish president, said that the Turkish army will fight back in case of a clash with the Syrian Army on the border of countries.

Syria’s state TV reports that Assad’s army reached Tell-Tamr in the northwestern province of Haseke.
Lebanese TV channel al-Mayadeen reports: the Syrian army entered Tabka in the province of Raqqa, which was previously controlled by the Kurds, and moves further north.

russian ‘Admiral Makarov’ frigate tested Caliber rockets and anti-aircraft systems in the Eastern Mediterranean.
She goes to Tartus (syrian seaport and russian navy base). The ship will be on a long voyage as part of the Mediterranean squadron by the end of the year.