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I think I posted this in the wrong place.
Very important developments are occurring in Syria. These may be the beginning of a recognition officially by the regime change conspirators that they have failed to achieve their goal but unwilling to admit it. Whether Trumps withdrawal from Syria was just an off the cuff policy or whether it was carefully planned, probably with the acquiesce of the Pentagon, but not necessarily other agencies, cannot be determined. That some planning has gone into it appears to be the case because the SAA seems to have been prepared to send troops at very short notice to the West Euphrates part of North Syria.
Whilst all the pundits are wailing about the supposed fate of the Kurds, it is clear that they have been abandoned by the Allies as a lost cause. For any self determination of the Kurds to occur, the larger populations of Kurds in Turkey and Iraq have to be involved, not the smallest populations found in Syria. They were obviously used as a ploy to divide Syria.
The main narrative in the BBC and other media is that the Kurds, with a bit of help from US, UK and France, beat back the Daesh hordes heroically. Although there is a truth in this, the role of Russia in first exposing the collusion between Daesh and Turkey which became obvious when Russia published the photos of long convoys of trucks from and to turkey to the ‘Caliphate’, and when they started to bomb these. It was at that point that the West decided to intervene and at one point the intervention seemed to be mainly to stop the foreword advance of the SAA and to prevent the Syria government from taking over the oil rich region of the east Euphrates.
All of this has been erased from the narrative. It appears that now the tide might have finally turned. Whatever the reason for Trump’s actions in withdrawing from Syria, it seems to be the best thing he has done in his otherwise rather erratic actions.