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Rhys Jaggar

This is a subject over 20 years since the ‘Wakefield Scandal’ first blew up. It is indubitably the case that open enquiry without prejudice is not possible through the media.

Here are some inconvenient truths:

1. Wakefield et al NEVER claimed in the paper that was retracted that MMR was associated with autism. They claimed the exact opposite. It should be a defrocking event for any doctor to claim otherwise.

The paper concerned reporting that autistic children presented with gastrointestinal disorders, facts which have never been overturned.

2. Autism develops following the development of a state of inflammation on the brain. How that inflammation develops is not unique, either in time or by the triggers causing it. It can occur in utero, it can occur in infancy. Both genetic and environmental cues can increase the likelihood of progression to an autistic state.

As a result, if vaccines were not the predominant trigger for autism but nonetheless were a real trigger in some cases, then statistical analyses of whole populations would not reveal the vaccine trigger. Nobody ever discusses how to analyse data when multiple causes of the same outcome may be present.

3. In both the US and the UK, vaccine manufacturers are immune from class action prosecution due to laws passed by bribed politicians. In the US every vaccine sold contains an effective insurance premium paid into a fund used to resolve cases of adverse reactions to vaccinations. This goes against tenet of capitalism, privatising profits and socialising losses.

4. There is pharmaceutical precedent for rare extremely serious adverse reactions to drugs in very small populations when the vast majority of recipients show no adverse reaction. This is called an IDIOSYNCRATIC DRUG REACTION and led to withdrawal of many drugs from sale despite positive effects for millions of patients. All those studying vaccine stories should brief themselves thoroughly on IDRs and the implications it may for rare adverse reactions to vaccinations.

5. There is only one legal case in the US: Hazlehurst vs The Jackson Clinic. A whistleblower from withn the CDC, who highlighted suppression of data linking increased risk of autism amongst vaccinated black American boys, suggests that government agencies have been complicit in criminal acts of data suppression to protect pharmaceuticals profits at the cost of human health.

6. Neither mercury nor aluminium has positive effects on brain health. Both have been found in vaccine adjuvants at various times over the past 40 years at doses found to be inconsistent with animal health during preclinical research trials.

Billions in ‘risk free profits’ are threatened if vaccine withdrawal occurs.

The solution to find, namely genetic profiling of cohorts unsuited to vaccination and exclusion from programmes pending alternative solutions, has not occurred in nearly 20 years after I raised the issue online.