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Coldish and Keith Alan, you really seem to have no conception of the scale of the potential disaster that Earth is facing.

Please explain to readers how a “scam” makes the polar icecaps melt away?

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Maybe this cartoon will put the matter in perspective for you; “climate has changed before, you know”:

How bad could it get?

– According to the scientific forum 4 Degrees Hotter: “Less than a billion people will survive.” Expect, on average, more than a million human global warming deaths every week. As such, mass graveyards stacked with bodies would become a new normal.

– According to Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, one of Europe’s most eminent climate scientists, director of the Potsdam Institute: “At 4C Earth’s … carrying capacity estimates are below 1 billion people.”

– Echoing that opinion, professor Kevin Anderson of the prestigious Tyndall Centre for Climate Change stated: “Only about 10% of the planet’s population would survive at 4C.”

– A global average of 4C means land temperatures would be 5.5C-6C hotter, especially inland from coasts. The tropics would be too hot for people to live and most of the temperate regions would be desertified.

– As a result, half of the planet would be uninhabitable.

Earth 4C Hotter