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John Pretty

Regarding the Skripals, I have never believed that “Novichok” or any other nerve agent was involved in their poisoning. Initial reports suggested Fentanyl and that still seems the most likely poison to me.

Yulia Skripal, when interviewed after the poisoning had a tracheostomy scar. This is not consistent with nerve agent poisoning. Nerve agents are extremely toxic chemicals which poison by (paraphrasing wikipedia now) “disrupting the mechanisms by which nerves transfer messages”. So you can be asphyxiated by the action of a nerve agent simply because your chest muscles are unable to move. The muscles can only move in response to nerve impulses which are blocked. A tracheostomy is not going to get rigidly paralysed chest muscles moving. The antidotes to nerve agent poisoning are other chemicals, not surgery. And they must be administered very quickly.

I have an unusual theory – and I want to stress that it is nothing more than that – that Yulia Skripal herself might have been the poisoner.

To me it makes no sense at all that a third party would carry out an assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal’s life while Yulia was visiting him. Yulia could alert her father if someone was seen approaching. She herself could be an unintended victim – and complication. (As she apparently is, of course). Any serious assassin would surely wait until she went home to Russia before making an attempt on Sergei Skripal’s life.

The fact that there are no leads other than these two Russian men is also suspect IMO. They don’t look like professional hit men to me, they looked terrified when interviewed by RT and they were never seen anywhere near the Skripals. Their story of wanting to visit Salisbury is almost too ludicrous not to be true! A professional hit squad would surely have had a better cover story.

Why would Yulia want to kill her father? Her mother and brother are both dead. Her father was a respected military man who brought great shame on his family when he was unmasked as a traitor. Russians are extremely proud of their country. I think Yulia would have suffered greatly due to her father’s fall from grace.

I am only speculating that it was her, but I feel that it is possible that she intended to kill her father and then herself. This may also explain why she was tight lipped about the circumstances of the poisoning in her interview. The poison may have been administered at the bench in Salisbury city centre shortly before they were found. If the British military were following then it may be that they had reason to suspect that Yulia was planning something like this.

Personally I think that Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley had nothing to do with it. They and everything that has happened since 4th March 2018 has IMO been a smokescreen to divert the public’s attention away from the scene of the poisoning, which I believe was the bench in the centre of Salisbury where the Skripals were found.

In my opinion this event has been a convenient way for the British Government to blame Russia, which it apparently wants us to view as the enemy. I believe that the official version of events at Salisbury is a pack of lies. I have long been a Russophile and I refuse to go along with it.