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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Re Greg Palast: While he is an excellent investigative journalist, he is based on the far side of the US. I looked at recent postings on his Website which strongly suggest that he has already accepted our 2019 General Election result as legitimate and supports Boris’s plans for Brexit. It might be hard to get him onside if his mind is well and truly made up.

Palast also wrote that in his view “Corbyn has zero integrity” due to the claims of a serious threat to our NHS taken from the evidence he freely distributed to the press. While this set of documents supporting this concerns may have strongly implied danger rather than setting out solid documentation of a transaction was available for members of the press to judge for themselves. Stating a well-founded opinion is hardly a breach of integrity. I believe Palast’s opinion on this is heavily outweighed by John Pilger’s recently released film exposing the vulnerability of our NHS.

I do not know how Greg Palast could possibly believe that the lying, cheating, racist, misogynist scoundrel that has just taken office has the slightest scintilla of integrity. Boris has been caught out lying over and over again; does that make him a shining example of integrity: I think not. We know Boris’s track record of evaporating pledges and rapidly broken promises, definitely not a man of integrity. Palast is welcome to his misguided opinion, but he is not much help to us the other side of the pond.

John Pilger is passionate about the injustice suffered by Julian Assange and for good reason. However, with this election outcome the long tunnel just got a whole lot darker for Julian and the cause of protecting the free press. Of course that does not mean Pilger should feel obliged to wade in to try and overturn the election without solid evidence to support a case. However, he is a very well respected investigative journalist, so if anyone can uncover the truth it is him.