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I didn’t vote, and unlike the Scottish Referendum (which I think was bent), and BREXIT, (which I thought was bent – but not bent enough cos of the “death” of Jo Cox). I thought the result of the recent General Election was legitimate (accepting that the anti-Corbyn propaganda, by The BBC and all the media – was totally outrageous).

However, I am now not so sure. The postal voting figures, are almost unbelievable in volume, and postal voting is wide open to corruption, as documented by Craig Murray, many years ago in Blackburn, when if memory serves me right, he stood as a candidate in Jack Straw’s seat.

Just look at the state of these figures

“Postal votes – We found 38% saying they had voted by post. The Conservatives won 48% of postal votes, with 29% going to Labour and 13% to the Lib Dems. 41% of Conservative and Lib Dem voters voted by post, compared to 34% of Labour and 33% of SNP voters:”

How Britain voted and why: My 2019 general election post-vote poll

Postal voting needs to be restricted to very special cases, far less than 5% of the population, and even then, very closely monitored, by independent objective honest people, as it is so wide open to corruption.