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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I am concerned that far too many people have been, and continue to be, totally sucked in by the relentless BBC and MSM propaganda. In what warped spin cycle did it become normal to obsess over the failings of the losing party with such scant focus on any potentially positive aspects of the winning team? It is clear that these right leaning news outlets still feel there is an ongoing need pump out more slurs as they desperately try to sell the believability of this incredulous result.

To help justify an investigation into how this General Election, and possibly other votes in the past were rigged, we need to fight back with an evidenced based campaign to discredit their false narrative. What does unpopular look like? There were pictures taken at venues all over the UK at rallies that drew massive crowds singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn.” Some of these “secret” rallies were in places where the alleged radical swing to the Tories took place: we need this evidence. Contrast Corbyn’s open public engagements with the only available PR shots of Boris confined to his carefully vetted silo events and his rapid escapes from angry public interventions.

What does lower turnout look like? A lot of people took pictures of the exceptionally long lines of people waiting in the bitterly cold weather to vote. The demographic of many of those waiting patiently in line was of a younger crowd who according to statistics are more likely to vote Labour. Do these images support the claim of a lower turnout than in 2017 in your constituency? Do these pictures of predominantly younger voters match the exit poll claims or render them not really at all credible? Can these pictures be compared constituency by constituency with the incomprehensible claims of reduced turnout?

We must focus on all three credible lines of attack:

1. Matching the hard evidence data produced by each constituency and evaluating the credibility of the postal vote contribution to the final tally.
2. Exposing the deliberate suppression of powerful evidence of universally strong Corbyn support and popularity throughout the UK even in Brexit supporting areas.
3. Demanding an immediate investigation into BBC bias and the dramatic impartiality breaches in addition to admitted “mistakes” and the criminal conduct of Laura Kuennsberg.

There must be people out there that are fully aware of all the facts, possibly scared into silence and too afraid to step forward and expose the truth. Never has your courage and honesty been more important to this beleaguered nation. We all face a very bleak future if you maintain your silence; please help us to expose the truth.