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It is important for us to be focused on the main issues of how to get labour back into power. The first step is to accept that labour was defeated and to start to honestly analyse the cause of this defeat. I found this analysis very useful although I do not endorse the conclusion regarding succession.


The problems about doggedly pursuing the line that the elections were stolen as the main activity in this critical stage is that it never really works. The electorate does not like bad losers who blame others for their shortcomings. The scale of the loss makes minor tinkering very unlikely as explaining the results. The regional variations also makes tinkering with postal votes less likely as presumably postal votes were cast in areas that labour held as well as those that were lost.
My feelings about priorities at this stage is as follows;
1. An honest analysis of why labour lost along the lines of the above article. I have my own list.
2. Argue vehemently against those that are trying to blame Corbyn alone for this loss. This includes the so called centrists within the Labour Party as well as their cheerleaders in the BBC and press.
3.stress that the level of defeat is not as bad as made out, again using arguments set in the above link. Labour’s share in the vote is still better than that under Brown and Milliband. It is the collapse of the LibDems in this FPTP system that leads to this distorted ‘landslides’.
4. The next major battle is that for the next leader. Sadly I do not find anyone suggested so far as being of sufficient calibre to really shake the party. We need someone honest to emerge from within a party. We will need a solid apparatchik who can skilfully play the parliamentary system perhaps to pave the way. My favourite still remains Starmer mainly for pragmatic reasons. RLB may be a future leader but she is not currently experienced enough.