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Kim, thanks for staying with this, and for your energy and determination.

I, too, believe some underhand business has been going on to create such a big win for the Conservatives; and, perhaps even more importantly, to ensure that Corbynism cannot gain a foothold in Western politics.

I imagine that such a political coup would likely be orchestrated by the same arseholes who have been manipulating the world to fit their iniquitous agenda.

As Mary has pointed out, Boris Johnson seems to have some kind of connection to the Henry Jackson Society: and those are just the kind of people I’m thinking of.

Henry Jackson Society patrons include Robert Kagan, co-founder of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and husband of the odious Victoria ‘Fuck-the-EU’ Nuland, the Ukraine coup agitator; William Kristol, PNAC co-founder with Kagan; and Richard Perle, PNAC signatory.

From 2004: “It should not be entirely surprising in this context that while advocating for regime change in Iran, war-mongering in Syria, and hyping up US homeland terror (despite terrorist incidents steadily declining over the last decades and now at an all time low), the Henry Jackson Society invests much of its energies in intellectual agitation on behalf of elite Anglo-American financial, security and fossil fuel interests.”

A signatory of the Henry Jackson Society and fellow of the Hudson Institute, economist Irwin Stelzer was a frequent visitor to 10 Downing Street during Blair’s reign.

From 2004: “Few passers-by would have noticed the lone figure slipping discreetly through the front door of Number 10. Fewer still could have guessed what was on the agenda with the Prime Minister. According to media reports at the time, the visitor was delivering a message from his master. And for Tony Blair it turned out to be a Corleone-style horse’s head in the bed.

“The visitor was Dr Irwin Stelzer, the American economist widely defined as Rupert Murdoch’s emissary, secret agent and representative on earth. To some this makes him a devil incarnate. Peter Oborne, political editor of the Spectator, wrote that Stelzer ‘stands in the same kind of relationship to Murdoch as Suslov did to Stalin’. Chris Patten, the former EU commissioner, remarked: ‘I wouldn’t sup with Irwin Stelzer if I had a spoon a yard long.'”

These are devious people. They will do what is necessary to preserve their world.