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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Time to wake up and smell the coffee! The latest hot-off-the-press announcements should sound a very powerful alarm bell for the resuscitation of our dying democracy and put the urgency of our efforts to correct the gross injustice of our rigged 2019 General Election into overdrive. The first is that Boris Johnson, or more likely his Master Puppeteer Dominic Cummings, is acting decisively to rapidly consolidate the British dictatorship by ordering all newly appointed ministers to shape up or be sacked! Not only will all the Tory MPs be forced to vote in absolute unquestioning compliance with the PM or face immediate ejection from the party, but all of his Tory ministers will be prevented from conducting interviews to supply important information and clarifications to the press. No dissent – no TV interviews – no press conferences: just Boris’s unchallenged dictates!

How will this latest dictate affect government accountability and our right to public scrutiny over the decisions made on our behalf? Essentially this absolute control will, permanently and completely, shut down all external oversight by gagging the official heads of departments. Boris does not intend to grant interviews where his increasingly alarming proposals might by challenged by a political commentator or one of the last investigative journalists left in a dying breed. Nothing accept the PM’s deceptive announcements will be released to our already alt-right controlled media or the state mouthpiece our increasingly manipulated BBC. Control over the BBC’s funding has allowed what we used to rely on as our “public broadcasting service” to be steered further and further to the right for quite some time, but in future it will become a fully compliant propaganda machine in support of the dictatorship.

The opposition in parliament is outnumbered and outgunned, a purely cosmetic nuisance to be delegitimized through absolute control of the BBC and print media. This process is already well underway through manipulation of public opinion regarding who will be elected as leader of the opposition. The Tory press and BBC are plugging their most favoured stooge to minimize any efforts at rebellion in the House of Commons. The strong advocate for participation of all MPs in the commons, John Bercow, is no longer there to function as a thorn in the side of a dictatorial Prime Minister running roughshod over convention and the law.

Boris has announced that the House of Lords is to be moved up north with York mentioned as a possible venue. Why is this being done? It might strongly discourage the participation of the Lord’s current heavily London centric membership as this second chamber, with the important role of scrutiny, is not yet in full Tory control. Currently there is a significant amount of back and forth debate between the two chambers and various parliamentary committees; the sheer distance involved in this proposed move would probably reduce this function or be extremely disruptive and costly. Although it is disguised as Boris showing favour to the northern heartlands where he stole the majority of his fabricated “landslide” of support in the rigged 2019 General Election, the underlying objective is more likely to totally disable all future scrutiny.

Key appointment to the House of Lords include the former Labour MP John Mann who believes he has been entrusted by the Tories with the task of shutting down all alternative media outlets under the guise of ridding the UK public of so called ”fake news.” In his new role as anti-Semitism tsar, left leaning Websites like “the Canary” have already been identified as prime targets for removal, but very soon any attempt to criticize the Tory government or hold the PM to account for reckless or inhumane policies and decision making will be taken down.

That the Judiciary will be neutered with judicial reviews prohibited plus the likelihood of government appointed judges was clearly outlined in the Tory manifesto. No one will have the power to reign in the PM or prevent him from proroguing parliament whenever he likes for as long as he wants. Because the UK does not have a written constitution that might have saved us from dictatorial manipulation the aptly named “Henry the Eighth Powers” will allow British laws to be warped in favour of the Tory government and corporate interests.

Our hard won rights at work, current environmental safeguards as well as vital food and product protections will all be abandoned as we crash out of the EU. Our human rights will be suitable “updated” after we are forced to jettison the Human Rights Act that enshrined the “European Convention on Human Rights” (ECHR) into UK law: ECHR is totally separate from our membership of the EU. Page 48 of the Tory Manifesto paints a frightening picture of our future subjugation and exploitation under Boris Johnson. Gypsy travellers were identified as the first minority sector destined for state persecution under a new law to crackdown on “unauthorized encampments” will criminalize them, authorizing seizure of their caravan homes and possessions. Echoes of Hitler! This expansion of the laws of trespass could just as easily be used to “cleanse” our streets of the homeless by throwing them in privatized US style “for profit” prisons.

The progressive curtailment of our future rights and the abandonment of any form of scrutiny and accountability were introduced into a deceptively vague Tory manifesto so that the stolen victory would endorse the legitimacy of their inclusion in laws that will be rapidly enacted. Denials and complete reversals of any positive pledges are fully expected from serial liar Boris.

In the book “Britannia Unchained,” written by Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss, five extreme right wing Tory MPs revealed their desired vision for a totally deregulated slave state with the social safety net dismantled and low taxes to encourage corporate welfare to become obscenely engorged. In reality, all of the absolute worst excesses of this Tory government have already been announced in statements brazenly boasted of by Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson or rabid Tory MPs, sometimes in writing, but also caught on camera.

Boris has promised not to sell off our NHS but can he be trusted? Tory MPs John Redwood and Oliver Letwin outlined the demise of our NHS in a pamphlet entitled: ‘Britain’s Biggest Enterprise: ideas for radical reform of the NHS.’ In case anyone is deluded enough to believe that our NHS is not destined to be fully privatized they need to understand that this is an essential element of completely disempowering the people. Costly health insurance will protect the rich, but even employees in higher paid jobs who might get healthcare coverage as part of a benefit package will remain in constant fear of losing their job. No whistleblower will come forward to protect public interests knowing that they risk access to healthcare for themselves and their entire family the second they are fired.

That is the absolute stranglehold of corporate interests that helps keep workers gagged in the US where they can be fired without cause and marched out under security guard or a police escort just as Dominic Cummings did with Sonia Khan one of the government Special Advisors (SPADs), after taking away her mobile phones. There was temporary outrage in the press over this grotesque abuse of power displayed by the unelected megalomaniac controlling our PM, but the incident was soon forgotten. Who will challenge his abhorrent conduct when such degrading tactics could soon become normalized? The infamous “walk of shame” serves a very important purpose; it is designed to humiliate and permanently isolate the fired employee, severing all of their work based contacts and friendships, through extreme intimidation after an outspoken target is wrongfully marked as a criminal.

Without cause firing will undoubtedly be introduced as part of “business friendly” plans to emulate American companies entering our healthcare sector and other lucrative markets, a necessary adjustment to accommodate a US trade deal. Brexit has provided Boris with the perfect excuse to strip unions of their rights as industry will require remodelling to destroy their power to protect workers from exploitation. The right to strike will become so severely limited in scope that it will no longer be an effective bargaining tool. Public protests will face increased intimidation by police and the fully anticipated riots following our crash-out Brexit will be met with the redirection of our armed forces under Operation Yellowhammer. The poor turkeys will be well and truly stuffed by Christmas as all of this dystopian scenario could be fully accomplished by December of this year if we do not take immediate steps to expose the rigged 2019 General Election that enabled this nightmare process to begin.

A notice on the government’s petition Website states: “We’re waiting for a new Petitions Committee. Petitions had to stop because of the recent general election. As soon as a new Petitions Committee is set up by the House of Commons, petitions will start again.” While this closure should not be considered abnormal would be normal for this there is no reason why Boris might ever want the government petition site to reopen and all he needs to do is postpone or permanently block the appointments to a new committee. Other petition sites and avenues for public protest exist right now, but they could be rapidly eliminated to force the population into compliance with this toxic Tory governed state. Free speech is going, going and very soon gone if we do not fight back.

The frightening “Race to the Bottom” will enshrine greed and impoverish everyone but the wealthy elite. The recent election was not about Brexit; I refuse to believe that the most vulnerable in our country voted for destitution and to watch their children to starve. I fear that the potentially rigged vote marked a fraudulent pattern of criminal behaviour that the public have become far too complacent about. People around the country are just waking up to the harsh reality of what this radical hard right Tory government, led by a deceitful PM, under the Machiavellian control of Dominic Cummings, Trump, Bannon and overseas interests, could perpetuate for decades. Keep gathering the evidence and sharing your solutions because we must overturn GE 2019.