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michael norton

In a surprise move, the woman appointed to run the crucial UN climate summit in Glasgow in November has been sacked.

Claire Perry O’Neill, a former climate minister, had been assigned the post of “president” of the event, known as COP 26.

The British government has confirmed that the job will now be handled by the business department, Beis.

In a tweet, Mrs O’Neill said she was “very sad” to lose the role, and went on to criticise the government.

It couldn’t “cope” with an independent unit managing preparations for the conference, she said.

And in a sharp dig at No 10’s green credentials, she also added: “A shame we haven’t had one climate cabinet meeting since we formed.”

Possibly as we have now Brexited, the Boris Johnson administration is going to row back, just as David Cameron said after winning the 2005 election
“Cut the Green Crap”