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To link to a comment on any discussion thread, copy the URL from the comment number in grey text at the top of the comment (after the word “REPLY”).

Then insert it as a link over descriptive text: i.e. highlight the text, click the ‘link’ button, and paste in the URL. (It’s important to use text describing the comment, otherwise the thread title “Elections aftermath” will appear in blockquote formatting instead.)

J – sharing the petition on Twitter

Be mindful that linking to a different thread could prompt readers to continue the discussion on the earlier thread (which in this case is already too long), thereby splitting the ongoing conversation between the current one and the old one. So it might be necessary for moderators to lock the earlier thread to prevent it growing still further.

As for the “picture link”, you only need to paste in the link to the Twitter comment, and the forum software will automatically embed the Tweet, including the images. You don’t need to copy any text from the Tweet, nor insert it using the link button – just paste the URL directly into your text:

Kindly use this embedding facility sparingly, as overuse could slow down the loading of the page – in which case, we may have to disable it (spoiling the fun for everyone).

Unfortunately, you can’t include separate images in your comments or replies. However, if you paste the image source URL and ask the moderators nicely, we can manually amend the HTML so the picture is embedded in your reply:

But please don’t do ask too often: we don’t want images cluttering up the discussions.

Mod B.