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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Due to the substantive material change in status after being dragged out of the EU against the will of the majority of the population north of the border, there is much talk on this blog site of the right of the Scots to hold another Independence Referendum. While I do not deny that the Scots have every right to feel aggrieved and clamour for another vote on independence, I would be deeply concerned over the security of such a vote with this UK Government in charge and so much at stake.

“Republicofscotland” responded to the concerns that I raised in Craig Murrays last post, with this opinion, and a link I had not previously explored, by stating that “…the Electoral Commission has been captured, which makes it not fit for purpose.”
In an article posted in the Ferret it explores the rogue influence of “Dark Money” on UK politics and the ridiculously paltry fines levied on those found in breach of the rules; fines so low that they represented merely the “cost of doing business” rather than an effective deterrent to corruption.

One crucial comment in this Ferret Article that caught my attention was this appeal for long overdue reform:
“The Electoral Commission desperately needs the power to deliver substantial fines and other enforcement mechanisms. Otherwise, the flood of dark money which is poisoning our politics will only continue.” It is important to realize that the Electoral Commission had no powers to decide on expanding their remit or straying beyond the boundaries of the monitoring powers set by the Government. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

This is why the Petition I have launched on Avaaz is so important, because it is only by exposing the true extent of the flaws in our Electoral System through public outcry that we can ever hope to get a fully functioning protective mechanism in place. It is pointless just winging about how wide open to corruption and vote rigging our Electoral System has become unless you are prepared to join the force for changel please read, sign, share and link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. “Rescue our Watchdog – All Votes must Count!”