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Here is an interview with Danny Jowenko, a Dutch demolition designer, who died in a car crash in 2011:

Jowenko maintained that the Twin Towers collapsed under their own weight due to damage and fire (which agrees with my own consideration), but that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Truthers insist that rigging such a demolition takes weeks or months, but Jowenko says that with a well coordinated, hard-working team of thirty to forty, it could have been done on the afternoon of 9/11. In fact he claims that there are various options to achieve this, and some of them are quite quick and easy, but he is very surprised that it would have been done in a building that was on fire, as WTC7 was.

Jowenko points out that, under normal circumstances, all asbestos must be removed from a building before a demolition licence will be granted, that an inspection is required to gain a certificate that all asbestos has gone, and this process requires much of the time. He speculates that the Mayor may have permitted the rapid demolition of WTC7, and it was kept secret because the asbestos had not been removed. He talks about insurance, and criticises the US political system for being overly dominated by big money.

I had seen this part of the interview before but I had not heard it because it was part of a Truther video; the relevant part of the discussion was played at about double speed and the original audio had been silenced and dubbed over with narration. I am surprised to discover just how much Jowenko’s opinion converges with my own.