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Yep, I’m definitely tending more towards this fast-and-dirty demolition theory. What were the authorities’ choices? WTC7 was burning, distorting and creaking (all this can be found in testimony). They couldn’t extinguish the fire because of cracked water mains, and massive demand for firefighting all over the WTC complex. If they were to leave it to burn it might partially collapse, in all probability asymmetrically. But it’s surrounded by other buildings on three sides so it would very likely damage at least one of them, and they’d have another damaged, burning building. The problem of unstable, burning buildings would just proliferate. The most sensible thing would be to bring it down as vertically as possible and as soon as possible.

But by bringing it down they’d be deliberately adding asbestos and other toxins to the already contaminated air; the authorities would have to pay compensation for the illnesses caused. Worse, when those who got asbestosis or other illnesses died, anyone party to the demolition could be prosecuted for manslaughter or even murder. So they did it in a way that gave plausible deniability to everyone involved.

So yes; it was, and remains, a conspiracy. A conspiracy of silence.