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After access to my Lloyds bank account was restored, I succeeded in sending a small donation to Craig’s NatWest account listed on the website. The transfer seems to be based purely on the numerical details, with no confirmation from the bank that there’s a match with the name (some countries are better at this). It’s probably fine, but I have had a number of minor incidents previously unexperienced with my (quite new) computers and browsers, and there are now various questions in my mind, perhaps worth discussing with tech-savvy supporters:

1. Is the webpage safe from tampering, so that the account details displayed will always be those which were posted?
2. Are all of the donations made successfully reaching the beneficiary? Is there any possibility of siphoning? Would it be advisable to start checking this, by asking donors to send details of payments?
3. Are other donors experiencing problems in making payments, or after contact? Would it be advisable to request feedback on problems, in case patterns emerge, or significant numbers of potential donors and commenters are being deterred?
4. Some readers have expressed concern about PayPal, or requested bank details in order to avoid its charges. How significant are those charges? and which method is more secure, for Craig and for donors? Any other advice on methodology?

Thanks so much to Craig and to the moderators for the invaluable commentary and discussion on this site.