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Kim Sanders-Fisher

@ Paul Barbara: Thanks, I will try to get back to Open Democracy again in the morning. I have been in touch with them a couple of times after I commented on an article and noticed the name Adam Ramsay. He was a member of our local Green Party group at one point so I am trying to touch base with him, but despite leaving messages he has not got back to me yet. Now I will have two people to leave messages for there.

It would be good to try and get in touch with the team via the pub too if you live in that neck of the woods. It seems as if these guys might be looking for a new way forward; they are probably sharing our dismay over the election as the Tories plan to force a no-deal Brexit on us.

The BBC and all of the media have been in overdrive trying to reinforce the “Borrowed Votes” BS, no Bull, that’s “Boris Shit” aptly renamed! I was totally gob-smacked when I saw a Tory Party Political broadcast the other day from the party that is still trying to sell that “landslide victory” spin. It tells me they might have lingering concerns that their vote rigging scam could be exposed.

The trouble is that so many people have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker that it is hard to convince anyone that the logic does not support such a huge win. I just hope if we can manage to contact “Led by Donkeys” they too will not have been led by the nose. Back when the team started out no one dared speak out against the precious “Will of the People” as it was being sold by the Brexiteers. Led by Donkeys led the big shift back in the other direction and once the word got out people joined the Remain movement in droves. They could lead the charge for us too as we battle “The Will of the Sheeple!”

I have found a couple more dissident blog sites including one that has drafted an appeal to the EU; more on that tomorrow. I am still reluctant to join Facebook and I do not think I could cope with the stress of Twitter, but we need to post links back to this forum and the Nine Petitions that are, like mine, very slowly collecting signatures. It feels like such a lonely uphill battle right now so I really appreciate hearing from another supporter, thanks for posting.