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Kim Sanders-Fisher

@ Paul Barbara, thanks for offering to help. The Led by Donkeys team would probably have gained some notoriety after the pub regulars discovered what there were doing. The bar staff might know them all quite well if they often visit the pub, but obviously they will want to be discreet to protect the guy’s privacy. If when you visit the pub, they are not there, perhaps there is someone who recognizes them and knows them well enough that they can pass them a message to them, just to let them know we are really eager to get in touch.

Giving them the opportunity to call or email back could possibly be arranged over the phone so it might be worth giving the pub a call before you head up there. The bar staff might tell you that they no longer frequent the pub and we would be back to square one. If you get a chance to actually talk to them, the first thing to find out is if they realize how strong the possibility is that the 2019 Election so called “Landslide Tory victory” was rigged.

If they have been taken in by the media, the BBC and the Boris Shit they may not yet believe the vote was stolen. I like to think that they are smart enough to realize what went on and that there is a real need for another big campaign to properly inform the public. My Petition is focused in the dire need to “Rescue our Watchdog” by forcing parliament to empower the UK Electoral Commission to provide credible oversight so that our Electoral System is no longer wide open to fraud on an industrial scale. Very necessaty because “All Votes Must Count.”

By calling the result of the 2019 Election into question we are putting this Tory Government on notice, that unless the monitoring and security of our vote is restored and the Tory private interests are excluded, no government election through such a dubious process will ever have the right to claim political legitimacy in the future. If there is no challenge the Tories can shrug the matter off with the same caviller attitude of: “Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…” The evidence is more glaring with each election; it must stop.

Do not expect the Fox to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the Hen House! It is not in their interests so there is no political will to correct the deeply flawed system, but if electronic voting machines are installed and Voter ID is introduced the situation will get a whole lot worse. We will need a massive public campaign that is too embarrassing to ignore in order to drag Boris Johnson kicking and screaming to the accountability table. He has a way of getting around the law, but this time we must show him he is not above the law.

The Johnson/Cummings dictatorial bullying is meeting resistance from ignored Civil Servants and discarded SPADS. As we continue to gather evidence there is a far greater chance of a Whistleblower coming forward. Our challenge must be big enough to discredit this Tory Government’s international and domestic credibility. I think a new campaign from Led by Donkeys would get crowdfunding support: we so need them in board!