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Kim Sanders-Fisher

On a Webpage entitled “The Conspiracy of our Time,” I found a new treasure trove of informative Links some of which I had already tracked down, but there was new information there too. The author focused on the web of highly suspicious connections that point to inappropriate conflict of interest situations between Tory Party members and individuals, organizations, companies or regulators intimately involved with our Electoral System.

The means, motivation and ideal opportunity to commit fraud does not in itself indicate that fraud was committed, but it does provide a high index of suspicion. There is sound reasoning behind requiring MPs and political entities to fully declare any involvement that might be construed as a conflict of interest; it allows the public to feel confident in the motivations that drive political decisions: no one should be in a position to buy influence. Sadly, the ability to rampantly abuse Electoral; rules to dictate the political agenda has got seriously out of control in the UK.

The watchdog organization overseeing our voting system in the UK, our Electoral; Commission is virtually powerless to monitor or exersize any constraint over the growing level of corruption in our voting system. This is bacause the parameters of their power are decided by our government and the current Tory Government is more than happy with the lax situation yjat exists now. Without a major public outcry there is absolutely zero political will to compel the Tory Government to tighten regulations, provide more vigilant scrutiny or increase the penalties for violations. It is our duty to demand that change to: “Rescue our Watchdog!”

Without the public realizing the damaging consequences of changes that were enacted by the Tories, our Electoral System has undergone a process of privatization without any increased provision for monitoring of the companies that are engaged in the outsourced electoral services. One company, Idox, was able to rapidly expand within this lucrative market, acquiring contracts for the provision of services throughout the UK by absorbing former competitors to monopolize the sector. This influence over our political system has been flagged up as potentially very problematic due to the high level involvement of the Tory Party and the fact that Idox is a subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant that one would not expect to approve of progressive policies like “the Green New Deal.”

However, the author of “The Conspiracy of our Time,” goes on to explore other influencing factors that have conspired to create a situation where the British public have been prepared to accept the shocking result of the 2019 Election as legitimate. The right wing media bear heavy responsibility for promoting a Tory victory and the conduct of our public broadcaster can no longer be trusted to remain neutral as required under the mandatory regulation of the BBC. Purdah rules were trampled on as the BBC morphed into an obscenely biased Tory propaganda machine, reinforcing fake news and covering for Boris Johnson’s multiple embarrassing gaffs.

The author pointed out the media’s preference and special fondness for the heavily right leaning poling company YouGov as the prime source for all the polls they quoted: “60% of people say such-and-such, etc. This is a polling company that only has a 2 point rating on Trustpilot, so aren’t very trustworthy in the first place, and that have already been involved in a campaign to try to influence an election.”
They went on to note with regard to YouGov that just like IDOX, it is: “…also a Conservative company, with Directors directly linked to the Conservative Party, including one that is currently in Boris Johnson’s cabinet – Nadhim Zahawi.!”

The author revealed the frustration felt by many concerned voters who had attempted to report voting issues and violations to the Electoral Commission or the police and had taken to twitter to vent their anger over the lack of response. The conclusion drawn was damning: “For the BBC site, there were various images posted by people on Twitter who had tried to complain, but couldn’t access the site. Why would the BBC or the Electoral Commission avoid hundreds, probably thousands of complaints about reporters and MPs, live on air, admitting to electoral fraud? They wouldn’t, unless they didn’t care about the truth.”

A major issue raised was with regard to the PM’s blatant lies about the security of our NHS in trade negotiations with the US: “Boris Johnson claimed during his election campaign that there was no chance at all that US companies could increase drug prices for the NHS. It has been quietly revealed by a Conservative minister in the last few days that this could well happen after all.”

It is always shocking to discover the extent of the stealth privatization that is taking place despite Boris Johnson’s deceptive reassurances: “He (and Health Secretary Matt Hancock) also promised there would be no further privatisation of the NHS. Despite that claim, as of April last year, there were £127 Million worth of NHS contracts up for grabs to private companies.”

The author concluded that: “America is the only country that will benefit from Brexit, with all new access to our national health service (and thus our public finances – taxes we all pay), and an all new export market free from EU safety standards. And the only people who will be paying for it are the British public.” The persistently recurring question posed by the Governments refusal to release the Russia report; what are the Tories so determined to keep hidden when it comes to Russian meddling in Brexit?

The Author Links to an interesting article on how UK Intelligence Agencies worked with the media on the smear campaign targeting Corbyn.

This Webpage represents the tireless work of another citizen frustrated with the complacency over this rigged election and determined to accumulate the necessary evidence to expose the truth. I will write more about the “Conspiracy of our Time” Webpage in a second post. We need more conscientious and determined warriors like this to help turn this wretched situation around: If you have any evidence please write about it here.