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WTC 7, Michael Hess Calls For Help 02:51

On the next one, listen to the audio very carefully from the beginning, at around 0:09, up to and especially at 0:30 to 0:32…

WTC7 Around 4PM: Nelson & DeMentri/WCBS-TV — 3rd Raw Version from NIST (Enhanced Quality) 07:22

Paul, this is really annoying; there’s 29 minute video (28:59 actually) that I want to show you, but CBS are blocking it on copyright. It’s by cameraman Mark Laganga. I have a full copy; he visits WTC7’s lobby between the collapses of WTC2 and WTC1. Below is an excerpt:

WTC7 at ~10:10am: Mark LaGanga/CBS News — Raw Ftg. from NIST (As-released Quality) 05:38

MrKoeneg1985 has a good collection.
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“It makes much more sense if, as Jennings said, the first time was when WTC 2 came down, and the second time when WTC 1 came down.”

No, because Jennings had to smash the window before he could see out, so it was already covered in dust, so WTC1 had already collapsed. Check the video of Hess at that window shouting for help, it’s definitely round the back of the building somewhere, in narrow streets between standing buildings, not facing the Twin Towers’ site, and you can see the dust on the windows. Plus cars and buses were on fire, and that happened around WTC7 when WTC1 collapsed. And the emergency power had failed, and I think that is known to have happened when WTC1 collapsed.

There were all sorts of fires and explosions in the streets, so the firefighters probably ran off to tend to some of those.

“how on earth can you explain the stairs being knocked down, meaning a massive chunk of debris would have had to travel right through the building, from south to north?”

Yep, I think that’s exactly what happened, or falling debris smashed some of WTC7’s perimeter into its core. The collapse of WTC2 was easily capable of that with the huge perimeter sections tumbling away outward and falling so far, and all manner of debris flung outward at the crush zone between the falling top part and the standing bottom part. You can see the top of WTC7 getting hit and damaged on the following video; lower floors would have been even more vulnerable.

WTC1 Collapse & WTC7 hit by Debris – Unkn./ABC – Raw Ftg. from NIST (Enhanced/Audio Replaced)