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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Our Legitimate Concerns are Highlighted and Confirmed by the Independent Review Conducted by ODIHR:
The reviewers expressed concern over the fact that in the UK: “There are no limits on donations to political parties, candidates and third parties. ODIHR has previously recommended to consider limiting the amount that a single donor can donate in order to restrain parties’ overreliance on large scale donations originating from a few sources.” In the US the campaign of Bernie Sanders who shunned the so called “Super Packs” demonstrated that people power was able to compete relying on individual small donations: this was real democracy!

Citizens on both sides of the pond feel helpless when their modest contributions are rendered meaningless while the wealthy elite are so easily able to buy the influence necessary to protect and perpetuate their privileged status. This is especially galling when that money is being channelled into UK Elections from those who will not be impacted by the negative consequences of right wing policies on their daily life because of their extreme wealth, they may live overseas, have non-dom status or at least park their money offshore.

It is reassuring to note that we are not alone in calling for the UK Electoral Commission to be given greater powers within an expanded remit: “ODIHR had previously recommended to mandate the EC with investigative and sanctioning powers for offences relating to candidates’ spending and donations.”

“But, you might say, surely if the 2019 General Election was Rigged someone would have filed an official Election Petition Challenge by now?” Chance would be a fine thing! The ODIHR waded through our overly convoluted and complex complaints and appeals process concluding that it left a lot to be desired.

Elaborating on the process they documented that in the UK: “Election results can be challenged through an election petition brought by an unsuccessful candidate, one or more voters before an election court. Such a challenge can be made within 21 days of the submission of the results protocol. Longer timeframes to submit a petition are envisaged if the petition challenges the outcome of an election on the grounds of corrupt or illegal practices, or in relation to election expenses. Complaints against electoral officials, their actions or inactions are brought directly to regular courts. Each petition costs GBP 400.” In reality this fee is a minor concern when failing to win the case can punish Petitioning citizens with huge court costs.

The report concurred with the findings of our own UK government review by noting that: “Several ODIHR NAM interlocutors considered the current system for challenging elections as too burdensome, both in terms of its complexity and costs, thus discouraging interested parties to put forward complaints on merits.”

The report looked at the issue of independent oversight by election observers – you know, like those people who broke Electoral law to give Laura Kuennsberg the heads up on the postal vote tally so she could blurt out the impending Tory victory on BBC TV the day before the Election! Well that’s not quite how it is supposed to work with neither Kuennsberg nor Dominic Raab charged for their well documented, very public, violations. Election observers are not meant to take a sneak peak and pass on critical information to add to the gross bias of “push poles;” in a functioning democracy they would all be charged, fined or even jailed.

The ODIHR documented the parameters and limitations placed on election observers: “The legislation provides for individuals and legal entities to be accredited as election observers who have right to follow the issuance and receipt of postal ballots, voting and counting procedures.” The limitations they noted included: “The law, however, does not explicitly provide for observation of procedures beyond election day, such as voter registration, candidate nomination and registration and other work of election officials prior to election day.”

A significant portion of the highly suspicious activity surrounding this 2019 General Election occurred beyond the diligent gaze of conscientious observers who could have been relied upon to keep our votes safe. While the report noted another ignored prior recommendation by documenting that: “ODIHR has previously recommended to expand provisions to allow for observation of all stages of the electoral process” in reality the gross lack of scrutiny may have actually deteriorated still further.

The privatization of our Electoral System was not matched by explicitly expanding the powers of the Electoral Commission to provide appropriate oversight of companies to whom the work was outsourced. No conflict of interest rules were applied to senior Tory Party members gaining an unacceptable level of controlling interest in these ostensibly politically neutral companies; hence they remained blatantly partisan in their agenda and interests. There were no controls placed on companies like Idox to prevent them from gaining an unhealthy monopoly in this lucrative market.

We have a documented admission from the Electoral Commission that they have no jurisdiction over the third party companies used by Returning Officers to handle the Postal Vote Managed Service. This represents a major shortfall in scrutiny from our toothless electoral watchdog. I was seriously alarmed to discover that this same company with a monopoly stranglehold over our gtowing number of Postal Votes had won a hurriedly assigned bid to revamp our electoral register without competing tendering only two months before the election was called and the election itself left the process in partially completed limbo with two separate lists of who was eligible to vote causing havoc at polling stations. Many believe that this was fully anticipated, deliberate chaos to suppress the vote.

By December 12th a Tory supporting subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant had control of the electoral role throughout the UK with the power to send or delay the sending of the Postal Votes they were now in full control of managing. A multitude of complaints have emerged to indicate that some Postal Votes were less of a priority than others as many did not arrive in time or were never received at all. Other voters were blocked from voting due to the gross errors made with the registry of voters. It was well after the election that I discovered that this same company, Idox, had also created a special Idox Canvassing App to help political parties identify where their supporters were located.

I find it deeply disturbing that one heavily Tory supporting Oil and Gas subsiduary, that certainly would not support a progressive “New Green Deal,” has total access to the names, dates of birth, full address and unique signature of so many vulnerable voters, but now also knows for whom they intend to vote! This is a gift no fraudster could possibly wish for and it seriously invites corruption and vote rigging on an industrial scale. When this resulted in an unbelievable landslide victory, following a truly abysmal election campaign of dodging loud protests, avoiding press scrutiny and waffling through seriously embarrassing gaffs, only the chronically gullible would fail to question the possibility of a rigged vote.

If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck it’s not a Giraffe!

If a team was sent to ivserve our December Election, the ODIHR would have anticipated a reasonable level of media neutrality, especially from the highly respected BBC during the controlled period of Purdah, but the anti Corbyn smear campaign was relentless. Fact Checks avoided any scrutiny of the Tory Government but also neglected to verify the authenticity of lies used to defame the opposition. It was pathetic to watch, so I cannot imagine how an unbiased observer would react to viewing such blatant propaganda. There are only so many unfortunate “mistakes” that a manipulative administration can get away with before significant suspicion is aroused by those not bombarded by the relentless stream of Tory lies and Fake News. We will eagerly await the conclusions of the ODIRH regarding this rigged Election.

We know that following the “Other Needs Assessment” done by ODIRH there was a plan to send observers to oversee our 2019 General Election process. We can inly hope that this was possible and will look forward to reading the report. In anticipation of a robust response with a genuinely fair and unbiased appraisal of what went on during our disastrous pre Christmas Election I am sure the multiple significant problems experienced and being reported by voters all over the country will sound alarm bells at last. We will eagerly await the conclusions of the ODIRH regarding this General Election that we believe was seriously rigged.

We are confident that this ODIRH team to be well and truly able to support and confirm our suspicions in a convincing way so that we are able to proceed with appealing to the EU for justice. Brexit was not in our name and nor was the Tory “landslide victory.” EU citizens, including British nationals here and on the continent, will need all the help we can get to throw of the yoke of oppression as we careen even closer towards a dangerous dictatorship in the UK. Even without specific proof of vote rigging our system remains wide open to abuse, so it was reassuring to read that the ODIRH also believe that the UK Electoral Commission needs to be appropriately empowered by the Government to fully protect the security and integrity of our votes:

A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a dog! We need to secure the ability for ordinary citizens to bring an Electoral Petition Challenge to seek justice enshrining the power to overturn a fraudulent vote without risking personal bankruptcy. To regain the trust of the British public in future Elections, we must also have a way to hold the perpetrators of electoral fraud fully accountable for stealing our votes: All Votes Must Count so it us time to “Rescue our Watchdog”
Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.