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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Thank you for your input and your continued support. It is very difficult to remain on message as the entire world now faces a serious crisis. I cannot deviate from the reality that we would be far better placed to deal with all of the dire situations we now face if we just had a trustworthy Government in place doing what was in the best interests of ordinary people. If we continue to endorse this rouge Tory Government, that has no legitimate mandate or right to be in office, then we are burdened by the reckless decisions that they make in order to stay in power.

This Tory Government is making decisions that are at odds with almost all other European countries. Despite announcing that they have drastically increased their testing capacity for Covid 19, in reality testing is now being refused except to the most obviously extremely sick patients. Symptomatic individuals are being asked to self-isolate and take care of themselves at home. Same old Tories: “your fault, your problem, don’t ask the Government for hekp!” This strategy produces a deceptively false evaluation of the actual case load in the UK and does not allow health authorities to assess where resources are needed most.

It is impossible to carry out an assessment of any kind while refusing to evaluate the evidence! The UK non-strategy is extremely hard to justify as it is the very antithesis of how the WHO function in their global healthcare role. It is easier to lie to the public if you refuse to acknowledge any data or statistics; the model you must base all your planning on has to totally rely on guesswork. Meanwhile Johnson has resorted to what we call in the medical profession “hanging crepe;” talking up the worst case scenario ahead of an increased death toll he has no intention of preventing.

In part the Tory strategy is probably driven by financial interests, but there is also a large very vulnerable elderly sector of the population that the Tories would gladly kill off. The population are being softened up in preparation for this tragedy so that it will be less of a shock as the situation deteriorates until it becomes the new norm. At one time the Tories relied on the pensioners for most of their votes, but now they no longer need to worry about the support of the older generation, because they have the electoral system fully rigged under Tory control.

While I can understand a modicum of cross party support over our crisis strategy, there is not nearly enough scrutiny of the underlying Tory motivations. It certainly does not help that the opposition MPs have totally capitulated over the unfathomable election result and are falling over themselves to solidify the Tory Fake News narrative. Don’t forget this was exactly the same with the Brexit vote with PMs being coerced into repeating the warped mantra about “The Will of the People.” It took a while before the lies and hypocrisy got exposed as “The Will of the Sheeple,” but once it was, public opinion started to shift. We need the same seismic shift with regard to the rigged 2019 General Election.

I think that Led by Donkeys, the same team that exposed the lies of Brexit, would be well placed and very well trusted to launch a new campaign to demand an investigation into the election to validate the results or overturn the rigged vote. If anyone knows how to contact them please make this an urgent priority. We should not be careening into a major crisis with a part-time PM who is prepared to throw our elderly under the bus and exploit the situation to satisfy his personal greed and incompetence. We need proper Government with legitimate elected leadership to protect all of the citizens in the UK. Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.