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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Responding in this time of national crisis who can we clearly identified as “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” in UK Politics? Despite receiving more support than any other Labour leader since 1945 it was not enough to take out the Tories in 2017. Were vote rigging shenanigans in play back then? It is hard to know, but certainly it was already well recognized that our Electoral System was wide open to Industrial scale abuse. Despite the angry rants of centrists Labour members wanted Good Jeremy to stay put and over eight Months ago a Petition appealed for a: “Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.”

The resounding support for Good Jeremy in the Petition led with the statement: “We, Labour Party Members and Supporters, have full confidence in the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. We recognise he is the target of a relentless smear campaign, orchestrated by the wealthy establishment who do not want a socialist Labour government.” Sadly, although this Petition has continued gaining support and is now fast approaching 70,000, the “relentless smear campaign” continued to ramp up unabated in an effort to destroy Good Jeremy or find a way to remove him for losing the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

That was then, but what of now? Despite the concerted hammering Good Jeremy suffered from our supposedly neutral BBC and the heavily biased Right wing press strong support for Corbyn persisted beyond the deeply disappointing Covert 2019 Rigged Election. As his detractors assigned blame to Good Jeremy in further humiliating smears to reinforce the Tory lie about “borrowed votes,” Fake News of the crumbling “Red Wall” was repeated in grovelling apologies that were never warranted. But even in this darkest hour many were not ready to abandon their champion and a new Petition appeared: “Campaign to keep Jeremy Corbyn as leader.” To date another 18,788 and counting have signed to express their desire to keep Good Jeremy as leader.

In a recent Article in the Canary: “A storm is brewing over the Labour Leadership race” the state that: “Despite the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Labour Party leadership election is going ahead. But a growing number of people are calling for the party to suspend it. And they’re also saying outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn should remain in the job.” As leader of the opposition our Good Jeremy has maintained a laser-like focus on the priorities of ordinary people he has: “remained on track repeatedly holding the Government to account for their reckless decisions in mishandling the Covid 19 crisis. More and more the Labour leadership contest is looking like a damaging distraction that is totally inappropriate at this critical time and should be abandoned.”

In the Canary article there is a Link to the most recent Petition: “Covid-19 Outbreak: Suspend the Labour Leadership contest.”

The Petition, which has now gathered over 5000 signatures, states that: “It has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any this nation has confronted in at least a generation. It is a crisis that demands the full attention of the party’s membership, the labour movement, PLP and party bureaucracy.” It describes how the leadership campaigns have: “ground to a halt” due to the coronavirus saying: “now is not the time for a complete change in leadership and shadow cabinet.” It calls on the party to: “work together to hold the government of Boris Johnson to account. We do not have the luxury of retreating into an inward-looking debate among ourselves. Over the coming months, we must work together, as a party, to fight for our communities.”

The people of this country were quick to identify Dominic Cummins as “the Bad,” a treacherous cancer now ensconced within the very heart of this rabid Tory Government. On Sunday the 22nd of March the Sunday Times exposed the sinister influence and callous attitude of Bad Dom in his top advisory role with the ear of the Ugly Boris Johnson. This explosive article levelled the whole misguided support for the unproven dangerous strategy of “Heard Immunity” on Bad Dom, blaming his malign intervention for promoting this obscure pseudo-science that put the UK at odds with the WHO and most other countries globally.

The sheer arrogance of the Bas Dom leads him to mouth off next to an active mike, blurt out shocking revelations to the press, candidly “spill the beans” in front of multiple witnesses and boast of his ingenious manipulative prowess in deranged ramblings on his Blog. His warped belief in eugenics is well documented if deeply disturbing, but he is a known quantity of bad that permeates this rogue far Right faction of the Tory Party committing the PM and the cabinet to his evil agenda.

However, we should remember that the Bad Dom is on very shaky ground as public resentment grows over the failed policy of “Herd Immunity” and his callous statement that the Government should: “Protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” The Bad Dom could also face prosecution for his admitted use of illegally obtained data in the Brexit Referendum and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election as this puts him on the wrong side of UK Data Protection laws. This potential bombshell is well described in one of the Daily GasLamp Blog posts on Cambridge Analytica where they say: “Illegal to the price of $5billion just to facebook alone for allowing a loophole in its software. How much more illegal is it for people to deliberately exploit that loophole?”

Boris Johnson “the Ugly” emerged at today’s PMQ’s as if at the top of a precipitous elitist Davos ski slope ready to begin his familiar devious slalom weaving through all the important and valid questions, deftly evading the treacherous mogul bumps of harsh reality with his non-answers in a rapid decent all the way to the dirty slush at the very bottom of the black run. His repeated exasperating message was “sure, we’re doing that,” or more accurately, we might get around to it in our own sweet time! All top familiar the emphatic: “we will do whatever we can, whatever it takes….” but only if and when we are absolutely forced to do so!

The untrustworthy Pinocchio Ugly Boris responded to urgent appeals from across the house over the total lack of financial support for the most vulnerable by liberally spaffing money, all over the chamber on empty promises he had no intention of keeping. He was: “putting a billion pounds into arf, arf… £1000… Universal Credit arf, arf…. 500 Million to local Councils arf, arf…” the answer to everything was another lie about money that will probably never materialize. Don’t look for it to appear any time soon in accounting because the only budget promises Ugly Boris will honour are to the wealthy benefactors who sponsored his Covert 2019 Rigged Election campaign; their generous slush fund could actually transpire.

Ugly Boris’s new “Obey me” mantra has become: “Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save lives.” It is all up to us of course. As usual the vague Tory promises are easy to go back on. This, while asking the public to take responsibility for accomplishing all the civic duties they will never be given the resources to achieve. Ugly Boris has set us up for a catastrophic failure that his Government fully anticipate will claim the lives of thousands; a disaster they have cleverly engineered to blame on public non-compliance as our future dictator establishes his God like authority. Ugly Boris and Bad Dom wilfully precipitated this chaos as the incompetent Tory. Government has totally abandoned you with no recourse to funds; many will die in their “Slaughter of the Sheeple!”

We helplessly suffer the increasingly ugly spectre of Boris Johnson, flanked by compliant ministers and discredited “scientific experts,” while acting on the advice of the Bad Dom to tout the latest populist “Nudge” tactics. With the pomp of Tory Party political broadcasts and the barest minimum of scrutiny, Ugly Boris has scheduled daily Press Briefings to deliver the latest smorgasbord of confusing and conflicting new restrictions and unrealistic demands. There must be constant hand washing despite limited access to sinks; use hand sanitizer despite the fact that this antimicrobial Gel is no longer available in shops; strict social distancing despite being imprisoned in cramped accommodation of forced to rely on packed trains, and self-isolation despite the critical lack of food delivery slots. Many will die in the “Slaughter of the Sheeple!”

While lying about desperately needed Testing and backlogged PPE logistics putting NHS frontline staff at risk, Ugly Boris had the gall to taunt the NHS “Cannon Fodder” with his outrageous promise of 40 new hospitals! I am in no doubt that when the giant US healthcare Corporation get their greedy hands on our privatised NHS they will invest in swanky new facilities to cater to the needs of wealthy clients after usurping the prestigious brand name of our crumbling health service. Sadly, the blatant lies of our “part time Prime Minister” will continue to infect our screens and our minds until the disastrous duo of the Bad Dom and Ugly Boris are finally ousted.

Ugly Boris will be glad to see the back of PMQs for a while, but he should not count on a swift end to the rigorous scrutiny of Good Jeremy any time soon. Warned that he was “not going anywhere” should be the catalyst for Labour members to demand that he stays in post; Good Jeremy is the strong leader the British so desperately need to guide us through this time of crisis. If there was a complete exposure of the fraud committed to steal the Covert 2019 Rigged Election the last thing we want is for the Labour Party, already critically weakened by lies and deception, to be deprived of its strong, trustworthy leadership.

We need to support the Petition to end the race to find a new leader and “Rescue our Watchdog” so that we can neutralize the serious damage done by Bad Dom and Ugly Boris – In “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” we can only hope the Good Jeremy, always on the right side of history, will eventually prevail.