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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Trot out more Tory Tripe, punctuated by dizzying supply numbers of kit that seems forever “on its way” and generous funds pledged, but not quite in support of those who need it most. Another depressing and frustrating Tory spin “Press Briefing” came and went with a lot more questions asked but, just as many legitimate queries left unanswered. The presenters ducked and weaved in their efforts to evade the reality that on the ground, despite all the expansive numbers and reassuring delivery boasts, the crucial kit has not arrived and NHS personnel are still chronically short of PPE. Attempts to divert attention from the disgraceful facts and avoid scrutiny included the usual gushing compliments and flowery tributes to frontline staff who rightfully feel they are being treated like “cannon fodder!”

The success of Asian countries in getting the epidemic under control was proof positive of the importance of massive nationwide testing programs. Over a month ago the WHO implored us all to test, test, test, but UK Tories have so far arrogantly ignored these warnings with an anti-EU aloof “Britain knows best approach.” It really doesn’t matter to the Tories that their sick eugenics program has been exposed and universally debunked as dangerous lunacy when they have total control over the strategy that will be forced on the UK public. Above all else this is about controlling the PR spin with the help of our subservient BBC and the compliant Right wing media, both of which are in the bag!

So why must we endure this prolonged and inexcusable wait for widespread testing to begin in the UK, where even our precious NHS staff are denied access to Covid 19 tests? Beyond Gove’s impotent “seeking” and the mealy mouthed “intentions” that “over the coming weeks” the necessary testing will increase to tens of thousands every day, there are the endless excuses about the supply chain and access to the critical reagents necessary for wide-scale testing to proceed. But, yet again, this feeble excuse does not conform to the reality that we could very easily manufacture the reagent in the UK as we already produce all of the required chemicals domestically.

The shallow spin doctors then turned to raising the possibility that it comes down to a lack of facilities to analyse the tests that still creates a delay in rolling out more testing. But this too is a bogus claim as there are dozens of reliable top quality labs throughout the country that have not yet been enlisted to help meet the need to ramp up this vital support. One such lab facility in Oxford, undeterred by haphazard Government dithering, responded promptly after being approached by local GP Surgeries concerned over the urgent need to test their staff: the lab set up a reliable service to accommodate the demand for testing.

Once again a tight group of Tory deception artists offered us a barely credible excuse by planting the seeds of doubt regarding the reliability of the currently available test kits, as if the rest of Europe had decided to just “wing it” with dodgy lab work while trusty Tory ministers demanded a higher standard for the Brits! There have been hints, so far just unsubstantiated defamatory rumours, that Spain was caught off guard and deceived by unreliable Covid 19 tests. In reality the Tory propaganda being used to persuade us not to trust these tests is just a re-emergence of the mendacious Tory warnings not to trust experts.

The Tory gross mismanagement of this crisis is starting to show as their impressive pronouncements fail to gloss over the reality relayed to the media throughout the UK. The Government’s shock horror comparisons with the worst hit countries currently suffering a higher body count merely predict a frightening trajectory we are destined to exceed. The whataboutery of criticizing Spain and France for unreported deaths in their care homes and the wider community does not build public confidence as the true picture of distorted under-reporting of Covid 19 fatalities in the UK seeps out raising the spectre of deliberate Government dishonesty about the extent of the crisis.

It was Dominic Cummings who had arrogantly declared that the Tory Party “doesn’t care about poor people” as they were intent on dismantling our NHS. Thanks for the warning Dom, but most of us knew that already! Once again it took the Dom, mouthing off in his arrogant glee, to articulate the heartless Tory agenda with regard to Covid 19; the disgraceful sentiment of shocking Tory shame: the elite must focus on the economy, undoubtedly to protect their wealth and privilege, while “if a few elderly die, too bad!” The Tory Government’s Herd Immunity policy was clearly a well calculated culling program designed to eradicate those receiving the regular state benefit of a pension!

The horrific political choice of “Herd Immunity,” advanced by Dominic Cummings, was a strategy of accepting that we must be prepared to sacrifice our seniors in strategy that can only be accurately described as the “Holocaust of Care.” Sadly, the evidence of procrastination, poor decision making and pathetic excuses paints a clearer picture of the underlying strategy with every passing day. Herd Immunity has not been abandoned, far from it, this shockingly brutal Tory campaign has just gone underground and morphed from “do nothing” into intentionally delay, divert and distract to accomplish the exact same goal.

The Tory Government is simply taking the necessary steps in preparing to manage the preventable extermination of the most vulnerable sector of our population, our elderly. The Nightingale facility has been hastily established, not to save countless lives, but to deliberately give the false impression that the Government has spared no expense to upscale and support our NHS. The huge capacity of the converted Excel Centre is completely focused on end-stage patients who will require ventilator support before many of them inevitably die. These are the people who are most likely not to survive, making this impressive facility little more than a grisly warehouse on passage to the morgue!

For the wealthy elite there’s still plenty of scope for obscene profit making along the way as the Tories turn to their top donors in the weapons industry, BAE, to produce lifesaving ventilators! This explains the Tory focus on end-stage management rather than facilitating containment through adequate prevention with PPE and testing. We cannot allow the Tory Government to manipulate this Covid 19 outbreak or stand idly by as their dystopian nightmare scenario achieves a “Holocaust of Care” in the UK. The mismanagement of this crisis is not just deadly it has become increasingly clear that there was a deliberate decision made to cull the most vulnerable in our population and Herd Immunity remains the instrument selected to achieve that ultimate goal.

The only way to change direction is to have a trustworthy team in charge, but that requires us to take the Covert 2019 Rigged Election very seriously, demand a thorough investigation of the mounting evidence and hopefully remove this toxic Tory Government from office. We can no longer afford complacent procrastination until after the Covid 19 crisis has passed while the public is continuously indoctrinated to accept our gruesome fate presented daily through the fake “scientific lens” of the Dom’s failed eugenics concept. Covid 19 has been coapted as the vehicle for the Tory “Slaughter of the Sheeple!”