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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Face Masks worn by infected people, or those suspected of being infected, reduce the distance infectious droplets can be projected by a sneeze or cough. A massive grey area complicating this issue is that people who are entirely symptom free may still be able to infect others. This is true of the period before they start to experience symptoms and potentially for as long as two weeks beyond the point they feel well again. This is why the WHO have recommended a longer isolation period than this arrogantly stubborn Tory Government, who abruptly cut the total isolation period down to just seven days! This misguided variance suggests that either the PM is determined to follow poor advice or they are still relying on Herd Immunity, but at a more controlled pace.

While a blanket assumption that all of us are potentially infected would require us all to wear masks, the reality is there are barely enough to maintain regular supplies for our Medical staff and care givers who must take priority. For those who are confident that they have not had any opportunity to become infected, but need to venture out to shop, Face Masks do help to limit the infection risk we all take by touching our face without thinking after picked up germs from something we have made contact with. The recommendations for hand washing and using hand sanitizer will combat infection caused by this natural impulse.

Even the most efficient cleaning crews cannot keep pace with the need to constantly sanitize the things we touch, so carry your own supply of antimicrobial wipes to sanitize the rail, the door handle, call buttons, keypads etc. as this will offer another layer of protection. This potential for infection through contact with frequently touched surfaces is why the vague term “Social Distancing” is so inadequate. A far more comprehensive and easily understandable instruction that even a small child can grasp would be: “Avoid people and the things that people touch!”

In an earlier post I wrote: “You might avoid contracting the virus from an infected person by keeping a safe distance apart, but then pick up the bug from the door handle they grabbed just before you touched it yourself. We must become a lot more conscious of the things that we all come in direct contact with so frequently every day as the virus will survive on hard surfaces for up to 72hours. Carry a supply of antimicrobial wipes with you in a Ziploc bag and wipe the door handle, the ATM keypad, the access or lift button, before you touch it. This is just one more line of defence to include in your armoury.”

I wanted to come up with an acceptable alternative for increased protection that would not impinge of critical supplies that must be reserved for our besieged Hospital and Care staff who are being let down so badly by this Tory Government’s shambolic supply chain deficiencies. To read about my personal solution using wash and reuse fabric mask protection go to the Forum on Covid 19.

A revealing “List of Lies” was posted on the Skwawkbox under “Don’t know where this is from” one of the comments latter identifies the author, Ricky Coxon. I decided to take their advice to copy and paste this list here on our Forum since the Skwawkbox have said: “It’s something you certainly won’t see or read in the ‘mainstream’ media. Share widely.”

Govt: We’re talking to supermarkets
Supermarkets: You’re not

Govt: There’s a shortage of chemicals
Chemicals companies: There isn’t

Govt: The science has changed
Scientists: No it hasn’t

Govt: We never got the email
EU: Yes you did

Govt: 25,000 tests per day
PHE: 7,000 tests per day

Govt: Ventilator companies are making ventilators for us
Ventilator Companies: you never got back to us. Dyson are though

Govt: We’ve got 30,000 ventilators coming
Dyson: actually, it’s 30 for now

Govt: PPE has been delivered
NHS: No it hasn’t

Govt: We’ve built the Nightingale
Nurses: but no one can staff it though

Govt: Unprecedented economic package!
Self-employed: Not until June!

Govt: Banks will give you short term loans
Banks: 40% overdraft rates and we want your home as collateral

Govt: Save the NHS
Me: You bastards have been killing it for the last decade

Govt: We are not pursuing herd immunity
WHO: Yes you are

Govt: We are not lying
Media: oh ok, good job old boy

I just found Ricky Coxon’s Blog and blow me if there wasn’t a very interesting expose Blog post on, you guessed it, the Covert 2019 Rigged Election entitled: “Why did Labour Lose?” In his post Coxan notes that: “Maybe nothing sinister happened with our postal votes, but, if you think about it, there is no way Johnson could have been elected without corruption playing its part. Maybe IDOX is the reason Labour lost the 2019 General election? Maybe it wasn’t but, if nothing else, some basic due diligence appears to have gone amiss that could provide everyone with some basic assurances regarding a key component of our democracy.” I hope he will support my Petition calling for an urgent nationwide Investigation to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

This chap has really done his homework and covered all the bases; I will be going over it in detail to see if there are any new leads that I can share with you here. There are still dedicated people out there questioning the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result and, despite all of my exhaustive efforts to track such people down, I stumble upon them quite by accident. Does he know about our Forum? I will be contacting him ASAP We need to build and consolidate our efforts even more now as the disastrous mishandling of the Covid 19 crisis will continue unabated until an investigation exposes the truth and we can remove this corrupt Tory Government from office.