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The world should unite to fight Covid-19. However the empire seems to have other plans, and NATO members are now stealing each other’s equipment. Here Sweden is considering reporting France to the European Commission after 4 million face masks ordered by Mölnlycke from China were stopped in France. The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs says that France’s action is a violation of the internal market rules.
Spain: Turkey stole at least 150 of our ventilators which we ordered from China.
And meanwhile the EU genocidal compliance with US sanctions against Syria continues:
The EU rejected Russia’s proposition to lift sanctions on Syria to help fight the coronavirus.

Not only in the ME but also in Venezuela:
US deploys warships off Venezuelan coast

Since air travel was largely locked down to curb the spread of coronavirus, the UK military has airlifted personnel to at least six countries that have banned British travellers or flights — potentially moving thousands of troops.

From Declassified UK.From Declassified UK.