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Node, April 17 at 17:15, #51952, at first quoting my April 16, 16:10 comment #51914

– 1) Silverstein’s “pull it” interview,
– 2)
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– 3) Firefighters on video moving people away from WTC7 saying it’s about to “blow up”,
– 4) Multiple firefighters saying that WTC7 would either fall down, or would be taken down,
– 5) News crews and spectators seem to have been told to watch WTC7 because it would collapse,
– 6) John Kerry said he thought so.”

– All of your evidence can equally well be evidence of pre-planned demolition.

Naah. Not credible. You seem to be saying that after successfully pulling off the two secret, unfeasibly technically demanding demolitions of the Twin Towers, mass murdering nearly 3000 people, the conspiracy suddenly reversed tactic by revealing part of the plot to the firefighters, the very worst group to reveal it to seeing as ~300 of them had just been murdered supposedly by the demolition of WTC2. They also revealed it to the world’s publicists, the news crews, but subsequently instructed the “MSM” to give WTC7’s collapse minimal coverage, reverting back to Plan A, “keep it secret”. Subsequently two of the presumed perpetrators re-reverted to Plan B, “admit to demolition of WTC7”; Silverstein and Kerry, heedless of their own safety, revealed their own knowledge of part of the mass murder plot.

Surely, either a natural collapse that happened to be symmetrical, or a covert emergency demolition that was never explicitly admitted to; either makes far more sense than this hodge-podge.

Node again:

– except “A news story of Silverstein desperately making ‘phone calls to arrange a demolition”; I’ve never heard of this Silverstein interview. Can you provide a link?

Here you go; Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, Fox News:

“Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.”

You missed out my last point. What would you do if you were in command of emergency operations? The tallest remaining building is seriously ablaze and unstable; it could topple randomly, spreading fire to adjacent burning buildings. Nearly 300 of your firefighters have been killed in a collapse, there’s fire everywhere already, you have inadequate water pressure due to ruptured water mains, and your teams wish to resume rescue operations for potential trapped comrades in this building’s vicinity. Silverstein offers to have the problem building dropped approximately into its own footprint. Do you accept or reject? I know what I’d do; “pull it”.