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Jowenko does not seem desperate. When he sees the layout of columns, he says “is that all? That makes it much easier. Just these dozen columns here” (indicating the core) or something to that effect, and it’s true that WTC7 didn’t have much structure for its size, none of the WTC buildings did, they were cheap crap with wide open floor spaces, as you might expect from such a highly commercial system in a jurisdiction with its own power over building regulations.

Jowenko then goes on to flesh out at least two methods, he says how quick it is to tape the charges on, and says you could even have men with cutters weakening columns. The only time he seems shocked is when he learns that WTC7 was on fire, but I’ve seen no fire below floor 8, which was severely ablaze, presumably because Jennings broke a window and thereby ventilated it.

The question is put to him that it takes weeks of preparation, and he addresses that specifically, saying that most of the preparation is removal of hazardous materials and arranging the bureaucracy; he almost sounds dismissive. And I would expect that in a normal demolition, installing anything explosive is the very last and most quickly executed step before prompt detonation; you can’t just leave explosives on-site for days on end, not unless you have a very good perimeter with staff.

If you can find me anything by Jowenko saying it was pre-rigged, please link. I know of nothing.

Node, we know there was foreknowledge; that’s established by multiple lines of evidence, so it’s not impossible that the demolition layout was planned in advance. But my money is on planning and rigging at military rates, ie. in a few hours.

But there’s another issue here. Truthers don’t really give a damn about WTC7; for them it’s just a stepping-stone to the Twin Towers. No one else cares much about WTC7 either, because it was evacuated and didn’t hurt anyone in its collapse. It outlived its fire rating by hours, so even to engineers its just a curiosity, not a safety issue; plenty of time to evacuate, unlike the Twin Towers.

But Truthers should think; WTC7 is no use as a stepping stone, because even if you do prove demolition, the authorities can just say exactly what I’ve been saying, “yes, actually, it was rigged and pulled that afternoon”.

You should have listened to Mike Ruppert.