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“He said be reasonable or leave.”

I was about to quote what he actually said, but no, I’m not resurrecting this dispute over here. Check it for yourself.

Look, I don’t blame you or Squonk. You are scared and fighting for what you believe. I am scared for a different reason and fighting for what I believe. As I have explained to you before, I believe the world is run by an elite who appoint politicians, start wars, cause economic depressions, control continents, to further their aims. Their aim is always to increase their control of the world. It is done through control of the money supply. Call THEM the Banksters, for want of a better term. They own all the global corporations, the industrial military complex, the energy firms, utilities, global food chains, internet service providers, you name it.

Now and again they pull off a big one – the recent bank bailout was a moderate one, it only gained them a few trillion. But it is not about money, it is about owning, ie controlling, the world’s resources. Money is just a tool to do that. I believe this pandemic ‘crisis’ is a big one, possibly THE big one. When it is over vast amounts of private property will have been transferred to their control, the biggest snatch in history.

They are smashing the global economy. When it is over, every business will have gone bust – its assets defaulting to the banks or bought up cheap by the corporations – or at best they will be massively in debt to the banks. Independent traders and services gone, no competition, no choice but THEM. Every private individual will owe more and be worth less. Meanwhile our governments are borrowing trillions ‘on our behalf’.

[I don’t expect anything but mockery for my belief that a secret elite runs the world, but you cannot dispute what I say about the effects of the pandemic – the biggest transfer of assets from the many to the few in the history of the world]

And on top of all that, the Banksters have acquired unprecedented powers to suppress dissent, to maintain control as more and more people begin to realise what has happened – police state surveillance and control measures, all of them demanded by the very people who will be suppressed by them.

You’re scared? I’m fucking terrified. I have every bit as much right as you to voice my concerns, so back off with your “Oh, Node, shut up with your dangerous opinions.” From my POV, you are the dangerous one, doing the Banksters work for them. But like I said, I understand where you’re coming from. Now you try and understand my position, and stop screaming for censorship.