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You miss the point . Dr Mikovits published a paper in science which alleges that a virus called XMRV is responsible for MI and a variety of human cancers and has been spread by vaccines. I posted above that this publication was later withdrawn because the data was not accurate and the virus was a contaminant and not found in origin human samples. I also posted an extract from Dr Mikovits’ Wikipedia page saying that she is a prominent activist anti vaxxer. These are the points I raised and asked you to answer. Your response was to send in more conspiracy theories for me to research and debunk. I refuse to do your work for you and have asked you to find out for yourself what happened subsequently to Dr Mikovits’ Science publication, something I am sure you are capable of doing, so that in future you could substantiate your claims rather than to throw more flak my way. Unless you do so, and answer the mods case above, I feel I can no longer indulge in chasing your constant trail of Conspiracy Theories that this Forum has become.