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michael norton

I still do not think our government have a handle on this, mostly they have a mantra, that they spout daily
but they do not say what the plan is to stop old people ceasing to be alive in nursing homes, care homes and sheltered accommodations. Old, frail people rarely go out.
So, it would seem people come in with covid-19 then pass it to the residents.
This is not care.They have discharged elderly people with covid-19 back in to their care homes, where the infections are spread.
It is like a circle of madness.
Perhaps, when this pandemic calms down lessons will be learnt.
I don’t think the world could stand this again, for a long time.
When the Black Death hit in the 1300’s it took hundreds of years until world populations were back to pre-Black Death numbers. In Britain the Black Death led on to the Hundred Year War.

The Hundred Years War was a series of conflicts from 1337 to 1453